Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ladies Who Link: Summer Plans Edition

It's time for our fun monthly linkup!  This month we are talking about our Summer Plans and Summer Fun.  If you are blogging about your summer plans, don't forget to link up with us at the bottom of this post!  I am looking forward to getting inspired by all of your plans and ideas!

Also...I am announcing the winner of my 10 Year Blogaversary prize!  It is a $25 Nordstroms Gift Card- woot woot!

Here is what we will be up to this Summer......


Diana will be at Triple Threat Theater Camp for 3 Weeks and then Math Camp for 1 week.  She will also have a couple of Cheer Camps that are three days here and there.  I talked about how I keep my kiddos busy over the summer in yesterday's post.  Check that out HERE


Mama and Daddy plan on playing in a few of the Couples Golf Tournaments again this season at the Windham Country Club.  Our favorite one is the "Lobstah Trap" one and this year, we pulled our friends Heath and Tracy in for that fun.  Can't wait!
Mama also enjoys golf with the ladies on some Wednesday nights and plans on doing so through the Fall this year!

Family Trips

So we have some fun little getaways planned.  As I always say, New England is the BEST place to be in the summer, so we never travel very far.  We try and soak up every piece of sunshine and ocean and lake and outdoor fun as we can every summer and most of that happens within an hour of our home!  This year, we are venturing a little further away, but you will see why....

Portland, Maine
We are heading up to Portland over the 4th of July Weekend with Mimi and Papa and we are SO EXCITED...can't wait for beach time and lobster and browsing in the little shops...Mimi and Mama have their "planning session" all scheduled for the night of the 22nd.  We always plan our activities, meals and of course our outfits ;)

Laurel's Lake House- Laconia

 We were invited to Laurel's last Summer during Memorial Day Weekend.  The kids had so much fun and we really enjoyed cruising around Lake Winnipesaukee in Laurel and Tom's boat.  This year, we are headed up for a weekend in July!

New Jersey

So...My Best Friend from High School Dawn came up over the winter.  It was the first time she met Eva and the first time I met her kids and boyfriend Jeff.  We had such a great time and it was one of those random, whacky warm winter weekends.  It was actually warmer than most of our spring up here in New England- crazy!  Anyway, we  made a pact to see each other a couple of times/year.  Our kids LOVE each other now so there is no excuse and we missed each other too much.
Dawn and Jeff bought a house on a lake in NJ and invited us and we are going for a weekend in July- the girls CANNOT WAIT!  Some more boat time and more importantly QT with friends.  So this is why we are venturing outside of New England this summer :)
(Here she is in her glory!)

Storyland and Santa's Village

So last summer, we made the trek up North (only about an hour) to Storyland and Santa's Village with our friends The Grahams.  The kids had so much fun and the adults did too!  We drove straight up to Storyland and spent the first day there and then we grabbed dinner at one of Jill's favorite places- so good and super kid friendly- the kids actually sat in a separate room to play and watch a movie (for the most part). After dinner, we made the drive to our hotel near Santa's Village- about an hour away.  We stayed at the Mountainview Grand and it was incredible- just beautiful- awesome accommodations and so much fun.  The service could've been better in the restaurants, especially for what you pay to stay there but it was still great.  We then spent the 2nd day around the resort and then headed to Santa's Village after 3.  If you check in after 3, you get the next day free.  Despite the rain, we had some fun and the kids had an absolute ball.

We are changing things up a bit this year.  Even though we tried to stay at Mountainview Grand again, there was not enough room, and I see this as a blessing in disguise.  We are completely reversing our trip this year and staying near Storyland at the Attitash Summit Hotel.  (and the winner is really that we are spending HALF of what we would have at the MV Grand- really- FTW)

So the first day, we will be driving straight to Santa's Village and doing the day there.  Then we will make the hour drive to our hotel and do some swimming and grab dinner.  On the 2nd day, we will probably do some more swimming and hanging out and then we will head to Storyland after 3 so we can get the 2nd day there free!  We can't wait!

Other Summer Fun

I am excited for all of the "other summer fun" too!  I have two cousins getting married this summer so Rob and I have two date nights!  I LOVE weddings...actually I'm kinda obsessed with them always have been.  We have a few nights out planned with friends, our Annual Hot Dog Hoe Down with the Grahams and Beans, Jill's 40th Birthday Celebration and as many days at the beach that we can squeeze in!

Summer is really my favorite time of year!
Don't forget to link up with us below-can't wait to read all about your summer plans! :)

and the winner of the $25 Nordy's Gift Card is.....
Tara at Mommy In A Nutshell!  Oh Yeah Tara- so happy for you!  Email me your address and I will send your card along!


Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

What a fun summer you have planned! One of our "buckets trips" is New England in the fall, so beautiful. :)

Lisa said...

Congrats to Tara!!! I missed that post...Booo for me😉 You've got a lot of fun stuff planned. I lived on the East Coast (the best coast, wink, wink) my entire life until 7 years ago but never made up to the New England states. I want to do that sometime. It's so picturesque. Happy Summer!

A Gal Named Al said...

So fun! I bet the New England weather is fabulous for Texans! That hotel looks gorgeous- and hoorah for date nights! I finally found a babysitter that I trust, so we're going to have a date night next week. Thanks for co-hosting!

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