Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Favorites (June 2, 2017)

FRI YAY...Praise the Lord....can I get a what what?
Now I'm getting silly.

As always, linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci HERE

Here are my faves from this week.....

Shay's Patriotic Pops

I am a sucker for anything Red, White and Blue ALL SUMMER I gave popsicles a try for the first time.  I used Shay's recipe for Patriotic Pops and they came out GREAT!  Check out the recipe HERE 

If you love coconut, you will LOVE these!  Rob and I grabbed a pop when the kids were in bed over the weekend- we got silly about it :)

Name Signs

My neighbor organized a party for our entire neighborhood to go and paint name signs at a local Art Studio next week- I cannot wait!  I have been seeing other groups' signs on Facebook and I love them.  I know exactly where we are going to put ours- in our kitchen!  Here is a sample below....

Favorite Inspirations Of The Week

My Little Dancers

We had our dress rehearsal at CNDC last night and of course I cried.  Pidge would not go out for her first number.  We knew this might happen...BUT....after watching some other numbers and getting pep talks from Rob and me, she rocked her tap routine!  Diana rocked her numbers too.  I don't know what is about these dance recitals but I am in tears the entire time!


58 Years Married!

My In-Laws just celebrated 58 years married this week- so inspirational- they have been through so much together- marriage is always a fave of mine 

Impromtu Sushi Date

Such fun girl time for Diana and ME...and after we finished our little dinner...some of our besties joined in on the grateful for my village XO


Luke The Lobster

Cass got Luke for her birthday SO......Carl The Crab now has a friend....hysterical!  Love it!!
Well played Tory Burch ;)

Fave MEME of the Week

Kayla made this one....flippin' hysterical...this picture will stay with us forever....oh Pidge ;)

Wine Club Planning

I am hosting our Wine Club in June and I am so excited to be able to share the wines I got in Niagara with my Gal Pals.  I met with Alison to map out the night and I got even more excited!
This was one of my favorite vineyards I visited and this picture says it all...warms my heart!

and that's a wrap!  Hope you all have an amazing weekend...we have a busy but very fun one planned!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's great you have a fun weekend planned. Aw, your girls are too cute in their dance photos! How awesome you have a neighbor party planned to make those signs! Love it!


Tara Usher @ Mommy in a Nutshell said...

Oh my goodness! The dress rehearsal pictures are so precious. I practically spent my entire life in the dance studio but I fear that with two boys I'll never get to see my kids perform at a recital. Have a great weekend!

Amy Cotton said...

Wow your popsicles look awesome!! I might have to make those for the 4th of July!! So fun!!!

A Gal Named Al said...

Dying over that meme of Eva! Too funny! Good luck at the dance performance- I'm not looking forward to next year when we have the costume recital $$$ Ahhh! Hope you all have a fun weekend!

Laura Darling said...

Wow, 58 years! That is amazing! What a legacy! I want to do one of those sign painting parties, they look like so much fun!

Lisa said...

Yep...the meme is a riot!!! I feel her! Oh Holly, you are in good company girl. I was a puddle for every recital, concert, meeting the teachers. You name it, I was teary eyed with a lump in my throat. You will have so much fun making your sign and it will be gorgeous. A party like that sounds like so much fun!!! I have a Silhouette machine, so I need to whip one of those up! Have a great weekend!

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