Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Recap (June 2017)

Scenes from a Spring/Summer Weekend....Not officially summer but the temps were and Mama was lovin it......


Lunch with Some Besties

Friday Night

Laughing...and Crying with my Soul Sisters




Dinner At the Batsons
My contribution...will post the recipe soon! 

and some Halloween planning while we were at it

Tubby Time!
I call this one "Toddler Burrito" :)


2nd Recital of the Season
The Little Mermaid at LDA- St. Anselm College
Great job to my little "Parrot Fish"

and a little glimpse....

and that's a wrap!


Tara Usher @ Mommy in a Nutshell said...

That food looks delicious! Can't wait for the recipe.

Lisa said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend. So were those zucchini noodles and were they completely raw? I really need you to tell me about that yummy looking bowl. I'm doing clean eating and that looked so tempting!!! TIA Have a great week!

Holly said...

I promise I will share it soon Tara! Yes Lisa- they are zoodles. I think the recipe would qualify as "clean" outside of the feta cheese maybe? It is zucchini noodles, peas, baby asparagus, quinoa (we used farro as that is what we had in the house), chives, feta and the dressing is fresh avocado and coconut milk- absolutely delish and filling! It is one of those Salads in a Jar- my picture just shows it already tossed!

A Gal Named Al said...

Aww- I love Little Mermaid! That's funny that you did Halloween planning- we will usually plan a whole year in advance but were stuck this last year and finally decided what to be this past week!

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