Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Recap! (Dawn Edition)

This was an amazing winter weekend...I say "winter" because when it is in the 60's during February in New England, you are have to make a big deal because it is a big deal!

Boy did I have Spring fever all weekend!!!


Between working and getting things done, we enjoyed a little time outside.  Eva really loved the fresh air!  She breaks my heart!

At lunch time, I met the PTA ladies who are working on a very special event. We keep saying to each other how much we really love this group of women.  I feel so honored to be part of them.  I love giving back and working towards programs that benefit our kids and schools.  The bonus is making some new friends that are oh so fun.  We met at Red's and enjoyed lunch 
My favorite dish at Red's is the Double Stack Tomato Salad- it is what I always order there and it didn't disappoint

Friday night, Beth Ann and I headed into the city to attend the wake of one of our friend's moms.  She battled Alzheimer's for 11 years and finally succumbed to it last week.  Grateful that we have our tribe to go threw these painful things together.
When I got home, Rob headed out to fix his signs and I sat on the couch to catch up on my DVR while making his candy/business card packages for the transfer station.


It was the usual crazy morning with bringing Eva to gymnastics and then dance.  This week, though, dance was very exciting.  The studio asked to try her out in the older class.  She was the only one in the tot class that didn't need her Mama in there so they thought she was ready to move up to the Pre School class for tap and ballet.

I had been prepping her all week, telling her if she did a good job dancing, and did not cry, we would get cake.  It seemed to work.

Well, I was really proud when she marched right into the class, with a brand new teacher to her, Miss Jenn.  Diana and I watched on the t.v screen and she did great!  I was choked up.  She did every step in tap and ballet and seemed to have a ball.

I had to make good on my promise so after dance, we headed to "Love + Flour Bakery" in Salem.  The girls picked out strawberry shake cupcakes and we took a few of their wonderful macaroons home- they were a big hit at the transfer station, where we stopped by to share with Daddy.  He and Mike saw many people that day, which is a great thing, when you are campaigning!

After that, we went home to wait for my high school BFF and her family to arrive.  They came to visit all the way from New Jersey and it really didn't hit me until right before they got to our home.  I couldn't believe I was going to get to see her and meet her kids for the first time and her wonderful boyfriend Jeff.  

I thought I would take you down a little memory lane today.

This was us in high school- our senior year- getting ready for our big Thanksgiving Pep Rally and Team Lunch for our Football Team.  Football cheering was our favorite part of high school!

Here we are in our glory in the fall of 1990- we were seniors at Andover  High

and then a few years later, in 1994, we are here in a limo heading into Boston for one of our friend's 21st birthdays.  This was the summer before our senior years in college :)

and then a few years went by and we were in each other's weddings.  Those were fun times and then we both went through some challenging times.  Later on, we started to have our children and before you know it, several years went by.  

A few years ago, she surprised me by showing up at my 40th birthday party.  
This was us at the party in 2013

and now we have settled into our happy lives and have made a pact to see each other a couple of times per year.

This weekend was the first time in three years but I know we will get better at getting together.

Our kids immediately clicked.  It was like they had known each other their entire lives.  Our daughters, also, are exactly alike and just like us- makes so much sense.  They had an absolute blast together!

Eva loved Jeff- Dawn's boyfriend- he is wonderful.

We hung out at the house, waited for Rob to get home from the transfer station and waited for Diana to get home from cheer.  The kids played outside for awhile and we watched Stepbrothers- so random- so us.
 Dawn brought me this adorable shirt to!

That night, our sitter Mandi came to stay with the kids and the adults Uber'd it to Fody's in Nashua so we could watch Rob's band play.  We had a great time and Lea, Mike and Cindy met us out as well.  

Here we are today
 A friendship that has lasted the test of time.....

and a few more random shots that night....

(It was old home night for Rob too- a group of his friends from elementary school came to see him play)


Sunday morning we all enjoyed a big breakfast together.
We had to take a group selfie before they headed out

These two tho

After they left, Diana was in a depression, as was Stella, I was told, via text ;)

While Eva was napping, I chilled and Rob headed out to put up a banner and some signs with his Dad.
Just love this family affair!

Later on, Mama headed to Lea's with the SPBs for a cozy movie night and snacks- we enjoyed Girl on a Train (even though I saw it already) and maybe a little Magic Mike XL- always too much fun with these ladies

It was an amazing weekend!


A Gal Named Al said...

Aww so fun! I had brunch with one of my high school buddies this weekend, too. It's always so nice to keep those friends from long ago in our lives. Have a great week!

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