Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Talk (February 21, 2017)

It is time for Tuesday Talk with Erika and Ashley- yeah!
They invite us, once a month, to chat about anything we want to chat about....so fun!
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Today I decided to talk about President's Day Sales

My mom and I hit the Merrimack Outlets over the weekend and we scored!  All of the outlets were offering an extra 25% off because of the holiday!

Here are a few finds..... 

French Connection Sweater

This item friends, has a story behind it.
My friend Laurel, is always, a sharp dresser.
She showed up at the Winter Wine Festival with a sleeveless sweater I was drooling over!
Check it out here- she is the pretty blonde over on the right- see her sweater?  LOVE

I texted her after and asked where she got it- I just needed to know.  She told me she snagged it at the outlets on a girls' shopping trip at the Bloomindale's Outlet.  I had to try and find it.
So...my mom and I were on a mission...my mom totally gets when I become obsessed with a clothing item because I got that from her ;)
We found the sweater in navy but couldn't find the ivory one so we asked for help.
The manager was so hopeful and had one of the associates call the Wrentham store.  Guess what?  They had it!  They let me talk to the associate on the phone, give him my credit card info and he is shipping it directly to my house!  The best part friends?  It only cost me $14.39.  YES!  Can you believe it?
You may not think that is a big deal but let me show you.  If you try to find this sweater online, you can BUT it is $88.  I kid you not! $88!
You can find it HERE 

Yankee Candle

You know I love me some Yankee Candles.  When we were at the outlets, I realized, that now that our kitchen is redone, I can play with some more fun colors.  Instead of sticking with the antique red and brown candles, I can grab a green or a blue and they match perfectly!  I got so excited.  I got even more excited when I saw that the sale price on the large jars was $18!  I should have bought more but I snagged one.  I love the look and love the scent even more!
It is a Yankee Candle Soho Living Edition and the scent is Lime Mojito- it is devine

Gap Finds

So my mom and I agree that the regular Gap store is mostly blah most of the time now.  It is really disappointing because when Diana was a baby we scored so many cute things for her there.  Her godmother Cass bought her my favorite outfit of all time there too- it was navy and white and perfect for the summer.  Anyway, I digress, the past few years have just been blah.  

The outlet however?  Is still on!  Everytime we go in there we score for ourselves and the littles.

We each walked out with a full bag of goodies.  $65 for lots of fun stuff.  I convinced my mom that she needed to buy an army green jacket for the spring and fall and she obliged.  Friends she is a Double Zero- no joke- everything looks good on her- when I pick out things for her I feel like I am dressing a Gidget doll- no joke- ha ha!!!

So...I scored a sleeveless bold coral top that I plan on pairing with capri jeans and white jeans this spring and summer.  I also grabbed some tees because they were $10 and who can't use several tees- I snagged one in white, ice blue and hot pink- my favorite colors!  Lastly, I grabbed a beautiful black and white striped silk top.  I plan on wearing this over the weekend.

I am sure you will see these pieces in future posts

After shopping, we had lunch at Copper Door- Check them out HERE 
It's one of my favorite restaurants (just amazing) and my mom treated me- when she does that, I feel like a little kid who is spoiled but I also feel like she is taking care of me and remind myself just how blessed I am to have my mom. 

So those were my President's Day finds and now I feel like I got to chat about something fun today!


Erika Slaughter said...

You got a DEAL!!! I would walk around in that top telling people all about my savings! :)

A Gal Named Al said...

Gorgeous sweater! Can't believe it was $15!

Laura Darling said...

What a deal on that sweater, I love it! I've had that lime mojito candle before, it is the best!

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