Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Day In The Life

I was inspired by some fellow bloggers to do a "day in the life" post.  I think I have tried to do these posts a few times but then I get so busy that I forget to take pictures... yesterday however?  I was ON.  I meant business....

So here is a day in my life...

Wednesdays are a day I work from home so I will typically get up at 6 (which I did), make Diana's lunch, make breakfast for both of the girls and make my coffee. While my coffee is brewing, I drink 16-20 ounces of water!

I bring my coffee into my office and have my quiet time.  I start with my daily devotions and then I get busy blogging, Facebooking and even working when I can squeeze some in....

Rob gets the girls up and dressed and then I greet them for breakfast....Eva always says, "did you make this?" She gets so excited over food...ha ha!!!

At 7:45, it is time to brush teeth, do hair and get Diana out for the bus.....

It had snowed so Daddy shoveled her a he shoveled, she followed him...Best...Daddy...Ever!
 Then Mr. V pulled up...we LOVE Mr. bus driver ever!
 After Diana went to school, I headed back to my desk to get some more work done and also took a moment to put a pin on...not just any pin either...a Vote for Rob Breton pin :)

 Then it was time to prep breakfast...which would also be breakfast and lunch tomorrow for both Robby B and me...Whole 30 Buffalo Chicken Casserole

and the finished product....

Then I worked for the next several hours!
Lunch time meant a quick break with Karen and Lea...Eva was napping and Rob was getting work done

I gave them Robby B pins too :)

and then a stop at Shaw's to pick up some missing items for dinner as well as some Valentine treats for my work friends
 Once I got home, Eva got up and hung out with me while I prepped dinner, worked some more and refreshed my fresh flower vase in our entry way.

Diana got home at 3:15 and it was time for a quick snack before I ran her to dance....this screams "Ugh Mama!!"  Ha ha!

Bill Belichik is a celebrity around these parts and he has been on t.v 24x7!

After dropping her at dance, it was time for more work including making a placement- for the win!

Snuggles before bedtime while Diana was taking her first piano lesson!

and after her lesson...she was beaming!

After the girls were in bed, we ended our night by getting some campaign advice from an old friend :)

So there ya have it!  When I was writing this post, I remembered again how grateful I am to have such balance- I can accomplish a lot in a day but wouldn't be able to if I worked for someone else.  Truly blessed!


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