Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday (Introducing You To My Loves!)

It's time to link up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday!

Today I am introducing you to my loves!
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My Soulmate= My Hubby= Rob 
(or as I sometimes refer to him here "Robby B")

This August will be 13 years married!  We have been together for 15 years.....what a ride it has been my love!




Special Times Over The Years

Our 10 Year Anniversary Trip to Nantucket!

and more recently....

He truly saved my life- I was sad and lonely and the day I met him, I felt like I had always known him....I just knew....so grateful to do life with this guy

Diana Mary

Diana is our first born- she is precocious- possesses crazy energy and is maturing before our eyes. Her first year of life was tough tough tough....she was constantly sick and had us worrying...I guess that is why she amazes us even more now with how tough she is...how hard she works at things...and how she doesn't let things get her down all that much....she was named after my mom and our grandmothers....and yes Princess Diana because I always loved her and entire being :)

Eva Teresa

Our little "Pidge" is our Baby....she is our little Angel....she completed our family and it is like she knows the responsibility of that role.  She is wise beyond her years and always knows when someone needs a hug.  She constantly makes my heart melt and she needs things all in their place.  She is meticulous and reminds me so much of myself sometimes with her desire for order!

My little fam completes my world.
This is my happy place....these are my loves


A Gal Named Al said...

Y'all haven't aged!Love looks good on you! Happy Valentine's Day!

Kristi Griedl said...

Love all the pictures down memory lane! You guys seriously haven't aged! Happy Valentine's Day!

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