Monday, February 6, 2017

Live From Campaign Headquarters!

But before that....he did it again....he is simply the best QB of all one can deny it....we are basking in the glory of the incredible 5th time Superbowl Victory here in New England!

Ok back to business!

This was Rob's first weekend of campaigning.
One of the things that candidates do in our town is stand at the transfer station with signs and talk to people from town, answer questions and be face to face with the community.  It is alot of work and this weekend it was FREEZING.  Rob stood out there for FIVE hours in 25 degree weather!
What makes this even more impressive is our friends who came out to hold signs for him.
It reminds us, always, that it takes a village and we have the best village around!
We snapped some pics so we could remember this support.
We have been saying that even if he loses, one of the greatest parts of the campaign is meeting the awesome people in our town that we love so much.  This process always makes us love our town even more!

One of the things I did for him last time was make him a Shutterfly album full of all of his campaign work- the signs, the candy and business cards we handed out as well as all of the wonderful letters that his supporters wrote.

This time, I am doing it again!  I started crafting the book and it always makes me smile.  I am so proud of him!

Now, he leaves tomorrow for a business trip, which means it is up to me to keep things going at Campaign Headquarters- it's a daunting task but we can't drop the ball.  So I may just be asking you for sympathy next week, if it is 25 degrees again at the transfer station next weekend!

Until then....we are 6 weeks closer to Spring!  Woohoo!


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