Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites (February 24, 2017)

Yeah Yeah it's Fri YEAH.........
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Here are my favorites from this week

The weather here friends!  Seriously- it has been in the 50's and 60's in New England!!  It has been OUTSANDING...It is usually in the teens and 20's this time of year so we will take it!!
I feel like everyone is in a better mood too- just love it!

Campaigning and this week, specifically, sign duty!
It was a family affair and we had some laughs!

So I have heard great things about Barre and I had  been following a new studio in town on Facebook.  A couple of cheer coaches had also told me about the classes there.  What pushed me to give it a try was when I ran into a friend in town in Target.  We were picking up our kids valentines and such.  When I saw her, I stopped dead in my tracks.  She never had a weight problem- she was always petite but when I saw her I thought WOW!  She looks so a little kid...she was glowing!  She convinced me to give it a try.  So last week I went to my first barre class.  She helped to get me set up with all of the tools I would need in class and it was very welcoming.  She was right when she said "it is like working out in a spa." It is so relaxing in this studio and the owner Callie is wonderful.  It was so so hard but I LOVED it.
This week I went back and Jill came along with me- we decided that it is "fun torture" and a way for us to see each other every week so we have made the committment to this one class/week.  After election season is over, I am going to add 1-2 more classes too.
I can't wait actually!  I feel like I am working muscles that I haven't worked in YEARS...really since having goes nothing! :)

Favorite Whole 30 Eats of the Week

Buffalo Chicken Casserole
This one is a winner for lunch or breakfast
I want my mom to make it for my dad too because I know he will love it and it is SO HEALTHY!
Find the recipe HERE 

Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps
 For this one, I don't have a recipe.  I just mixed rotisserie chicken with some Dijon mustard, avocado, salt and pepper and tossed it in some romaine leaves.  It was delish!

My sweet girl is almost three.  I guess you could say she is exhibiting a few signs of the "terrible twos" but with "Pidge" not really.  When she has a temper tantrum  now, she starts crying and arches her back so you can't lift her- it is really hysterical and I caught her in the act this week when Rob was trying to put her to bed.  Hysterical!

That's a wrap- Happy Friday Friends!


A Gal Named Al said...

That lake view is so pretty! I've done a few barre workouts online thinking, "Oh, it'll be fine- I can even do this barefoot." Dripping buckets of sweat within 5 minutes! AGH but so good! Keep those recipes coming- the buffalo chicken sounds awesome! Have a fun weekend!

Laura Darling said...

I love ideas for rotisserie chicken, definitely going to try these!! It's been so beautiful here in Pennsylvania too, and I agree that everyone just seems so much happier! I love it!

Kristen said...

Hi Holly! I've been wanting to try a Barre class too and your description makes me want to take the plunge! The YMCA where we are members offers one - it may not be the same "spa-like experience" there, though. Lol! But maybe a good way to test it out and see how sore I am the next day!

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