Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites (February 10, 2017)

Well....we are finally here....the end of my least favorite week of the year- Praise the Lord...well...I still have to wait until tomorrow night for my hubby to there's that...but it's Friday so let's talk about some favorites from the week!

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 The new Starbucks Lilly Pulitzer Swell Bottle
 One of the brightest spots of my me crazy...was when I scored one of the new Starbucks Lilly Pulitzer Swell Bottles.  I know...I know...
Even better was the treck I had to make for it.  Last week, I bopped into our Starbucks in Londonderry and they looked at me like I had 10 heads.  I then called a few other stores in Mass like Woburn and Acton.

Here's why.  Being part of the blogging community, you learn different tips and many of us share the same passions- Lilly being one of them.  I started seeing posts about the bottles (for warm and cold liquid) that were going to be in some Starbucks stores.  I then further read that they were only going into Tier 1 stores- I thought, there is no way a store in NH would be considered "Tier 1."  I was wrong- thank God- ha haa!!
Tier 1 stores are near shopping plazas and tend to have drive-thrus.  After learning this, I picked up the phone and called the one in Merrimack NH which is at the entrance of the Merrimack Premium Outlets.  Michelle at that Starbucks was so nice and so helpful.  She told me she had received another call that morning and had set aside one already.  I asked if she had more.  She put me on hold, for about 5 minutes, while she looked in the stock room and she found another one.  She held it for me!

Now friends, Merrimack is not next door.  It is 20-30 minutes BUT it was so worth it.  So...Eva and I hit the road.   

We were greeted by Michelle and she handed me my beautiful bottle...I had to contain myself...because I almost squealed!  The entire time, little Miss Eva was looking at me like I was crazy.  What am I saying...I am crazy!  ha ha!!

Once we got back to the car, I had to snap a few pics. See the way Eva is looking at me?  Funny right?

A few more shots of my new precious bottle...just humor me please ;)

 and I would say that I scored because if you jump on Ebay, they are already going for $100!  CRAZY!!!  FTW!  Oh yeah...and the print?  It is called "Pink Lemonade in Blue Colorway"

Casino Night

The Annual WSA Casino Night was last weekend- we had a blast with friends AND I sharpened my Craps skills ;)

My little cheerleader....
and how hard she works...such an inspiration to me...a couple of cute pics of her and her teammates

Eva +Food
and this she loves food...and specifically she attacks a cupcake...ha ha haa!!

Kitchen Updates- definite FAVE!
Well....the cabinets are done...Robby B did such an amazing job.....
Now...the curtains are also done...can't wait to share that surprise with him upon his return tomorrow!
(Michele from Brown Eyed Girl Custom Curtains did an amazing job and completed the job so quickly!)

Backsplash and Accent Wall are next and then we will be DONE...woohoo!!  I am so in love with the room already!

My favorite memes from the week include.....

One of my faves always...especially since it tends to distract me and keep me away from a Winter slump!
Look at my handsome hubby- this is him last weekend getting ready for 5 hours of cold at the Transfer Station!

Favorite Eats of the Week

Lunch with Lea at Blackwater Grill was Chicken Lettuce Wraps- they were great as are all of the apps at Christian's restaurant.  You know I have posted several times about this place- always a fave.  If you are local, check them out on Facebook HERE right now as their website is under construction!
(oh and Eva approves of their Kids Grilled Cheese too) ;)

and Cass and the girls came over on Wednesday night....the eve of a snow day here in New England...MAJOR SNOW day...don't want to talk about it.  I grabbed pizza for the girls but made us a yummy dinner
We had the zesty lime, shrimp and avacado salad
Check the Recipe out HERE

 and Danielle Walker's Spinach Avacado Dip from her awesome cookbook "Against All Grain Celebrations".  It is Whole 30 and Paleo and I served it with grain-free crackers!

and my Breakfast "Hash"
One morning I did eggs with leftover Whole 30 sauce and caramelized onions and another morning I did eggs, sweet potato "fries" and onions...great way to use all sorts of veggies!

Valentine Treats!
When the girls and I were hunkered down yesterday, I thought it would be fun if we made a Valentine snack mix that they could enjoy with a babysitter this weekend and also take some leftovers for their school parties.

Here is what we used:
Chex- wheat
Chex- corn
Mini pretzels
Valentine M&Ms
S'mores Golfish
Pink and Red Sprinkles

So fun and so festive!

and just because I am missing my Valentine- there is this ;)

Snow Day?

Well you know snow is not a favorite of mine but you can still find the good in something that doesn't bring you much joy like our friend Matt who knew Rob was away.  He came over three times to plow our driveway- making sure I was taken care of- just warms my heart and makes me so thankful for that village I always talk about.

Then, my crazy cat.  Her cheer gym was having a competition and wanted to see on social media, how cheerleaders spend snow days- here she is tumbling in the middle of the crazy storm!

That's a wrap....thankful it's Friday but will be so much happier once my hubby gets home tomorrow night.  Hope you all have a fun weekend!  We have lots of campaigning to do and a fun valentine dance with friends on Saturday night- woohoo!


Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Not gonna lie, totally jealous of your snowstorm, haha!! My hubby has been gone this week and can't wait for him to get back, this single mommin thing is for the birds!!!

Brittney said...

That Lilly/Starbucks bottle! Love it! It was definitely worth the drive. Just this week I got the smoked butterscotch frap at starbucks. It was so good. I feel like anymore every time I go get a new favorite drink. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Kristi Griedl said...

I can't wait to see your kitchen all done!! We should chat about those cabinets :) I'd love to do ours as I mentioned before... if I can convince Logan! Love your Casino night - looks like so much fun! And of course you know I love that Lilly bottle! Have a great weekend with your Valentine!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Mm...that valentine snack mix looks super fun and yummy! Yay for getting a Lilly water bottle. I do love the s'well bottles.


A Gal Named Al said...

The kitchen looks great! I live for paisley print! I like that the Valentine mix wasn't covered in white chocolate bark- this snack is right up my alley! Happy weekend!

Jane said...

That water bottle! I need one! I'm definitely going to go check out and see if I can get my hands on one.

Terra Heck said...

Those lettuce wraps look delish.
That first Jesus meme really hit the heart!!

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