Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend Recap (Beating the Winter Blues Edition)

Weekend Recap!
 Well, I think I have this "Beating The Winter Blues" thing down.  Well....I am trying anyway ;)
We had a fun filled weekend and we were all ecstatic (especially Mama) upon Daddy's return on Saturday night!  Here is a little glimpse into our "weekend life" here in New England!

Well, on Thursday we had the biggest storm of the season so far and Mother Nature dumped a foot of snow on us.  As a result, there was no school.  So we kept busy, between Mama working, making Valentine snacks and such.  Friday, because of the amount of snow, there was a 2 hour delay.  As you know, Friday mornings I go to mass and Lea has been joining me.  We didn't let the delay ruin our plans, however.  We piled all of the kiddos in the car and headed to mass and then we all headed to Village Bean for our Friday morning coffee and such.  The kids really cooperated and we had fun.

 After getting lots of work done during the day, Mimi and Papa stopped by with Valentine gifts for the girls.  They were thrilled and Pidge will not put her stuffed Dumbo doll down!

 Later on, we hunkered down and got ready for one of the girls very first babysitters (outside of family).  It was a huge success too! The girls LOVED Mandi and Diana made her sing since she is such a wonderful performer.

While the girls were having fun, Mama headed out to meet Greer for a light dinner and then the school deliberative session.  
We headed to Windham Restaurant which is great for apps and drinks.  If you are local, check them out HERE
We enjoyed a cocktail along with the lamb lollipops and scallops wrapped in bacon and then we raced on over to the high school for the meeting. 

Since Daddy was away, they were able to Skype him in so he could at least listen and watch the meeting.

It is always one of my favorite nights of the year and I love participating. 

 Saturday morning, I got the girls up early so we could start our very busy day!  We headed to Mary Ann's Diner for a "girls breakfast."
 Not sure you can tell by this picture, but by this time, we had all had enough.  It was a long week without Daddy and we were all pretty sad and missing him by Saturday morning. :(

After breakfast, we headed to the transfer station to get our volunteers set up.  Grateful for Eric and Lynne who covered the first shift for me/Rob!

 Once they were settled, we headed home for a little bit.  Lea picked up Diana and took her for the day for me, including feeding her and getting her to cheer- there's the village I always talk about!

Papa made sure Eva took her nap so Mama could head back to the transfer station and cover the 2nd shift of volunteering- see how much I love by hubby?

 After that, it was time for us to rest before a fun night and get ready for Daddy to come home!
 We face timed each other before he took off for his final flight to Manchester.....

The girls enjoyed their little sleepover at Papa and Grammy's and I headed over to Lea's for a bit.  Once Rob landed, he stopped home to see the girls and then headed right over to Lea's where he was greeted by kisses and lots of praise :)

We then all headed over to Lisa and Shawn's for our little version of an "8th Grade Valentine Dance"
Side Note: We all had tickets to what sounded like an amazing event- it was a Valentine Evening that was supposed to be complete with a DJ, hors d'oeuvres and cocktails at Brookstone Country Club and they ended up cancelling the event on Friday and refunding all of us.  So we didn't let them stop our fun and we brought the event to a house instead!  

We enjoyed dinner from Chief Wok, homemade Mai Tai's by Shawn and then some hysterical games- Things and Family Feud...too much fun.....


We headed to mass, grabbed a quick lunch and then headed over to The Village Bean for Daddy's first coffee/Meet and Greet of this election season.
It was a huge success!  We were excited with the turnout!


 Ally and Aaron came up to help us with a campaign project too.  We are so excited!  So after the coffee they came back to help us a little more, enjoy some pizza....oh yeah and give Mama a tutorial on Snapchat ;)
 It was such a fun and productive weekend...I'm so grateful and happy that Daddy is home!!!  Woohoo!!!



A Gal Named Al said...

Solo parent weekends are tough! Glad you all survived- game nights with friends are so fun!

Laura Darling said...

My dad ran for school board last year and this brought back fun memories of his campaign!! I am glad you are all back together again, I am sure it was a long week! Bummer that the Valentine's plans got canceled, but it looks like you still managed to have a great time!

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