Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites (March 4, 2016)

Hey Hey Friday!  So so happy to see you this week!
I have been so sick since last Saturday....first time checking out the Minute Clinic at CVS AND I LOVED it!  They were quick, efficient and diagnosed me with a sinus infection- BOO!  I am just relieved that I got my anti-biotics and I am on the road to health again.
Anyway....enough of the boring stuff right?  Let's talk Friday Favorites!

Linking up with Andrea and Erika HERE

With the start of ECE Cheer Comp Season, some Cheer Moms I know have been posting pics from last year on Facebook; I LOVE reminiscing but it also gets me SO EXCITED for this weekend!
Check out these ADORABLE minis from last year! LOVE!
Diana is the one with the blue tongue...being carried...bottom right!

and speaking of this weekend....we are headed to Hartford CT tonight....Comp starts bright and early at 7am tomorrow at the Hartford Convention Center!
SO EXCITED!  Also excited to drink wine with some of my cheer mom friends at the hotel tonight
I AM READY....bags are packed....Mama has the most bags....AND Lilly is well-represented of course ;)

and check out the pink backpack.  I snagged on Ebay- it was a STEAL
I really got it for Disney but couldn't help starting to use it right away...this weekend is the perfect excuse :)

If you want to grab one, you can find it on several discount websites

and Daddy paid a special visit to Diana's classroom this morning
He read Dr. Seuss's Miles and Miles of Reptiles to the kiddos and they loved it
Diana's awesome teacher snapped these pics for me

and we are preppin' for Disney with some cool new shades and sun hats!  Can you stand it?

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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