Monday, February 29, 2016

Let's Talk....Guys!

This is my first time linking up with Erika and Andrea for Let's Talk
I couldn't resist the topic this month when I read "Let's Talk...Guys!"
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I am going to talk about my guys....all four of them
My men

Rob Breton (My Husband)

My Soul Mate...My One True Love...My Rock
This man saved my life; he was the one I was waiting for and didn't know it for a very long time
God brought us together....he always has a plan
He is the best husband and father
He balances so much
He helps so much around the house (even does grocery shopping most of the time)
all while providing for his family AND volunteering on our town's school board
I would be lost without him and thank God every day for bringing him to me

Yep...we were babies pretty much

Peter Binda (My Dad)
My Dad is so funny...even when he is not trying to be
He is a provider....a rock....a comedian and has a fierce love for his children and grandchildren
I learned my work ethic from him; I learned how to be a good friend from him; I learned to embrace our family traditions and more importantly, how to remember the traditions to share funny stories (even if they are the same ones year after year- ha ha!) I love my Dad

Bob Breton (My Father-In-Law)
My father-in-law is the guy who takes care of all of us
He is always prepared; knows who to call in an emergency and makes sure we are all safe
He is so good with his grandchildren and can run circles around people half his age.  
He makes things look easy

Zach Breton (My Stepson)
Zach is the voice of our home (when he is home).  He is currently in his junior year of UNH AND spending a semester abroad in England.  He has even traveled to Germany and Scotland while out there!  He is so funny; a true old soul; and a wonderful big brother to the girls.
Zach always knows how to make people feel loved and included.
He always remembers me and when I joined the family as a stepmom originally, he never treated me like an outsider in the fam
He has always treated me as a 2nd mom and I will never forget the way he has made me feel.
For a young man, he always exhibits such character and sincerity and inspires us all to be better people

So there you have it.  These are "My Guys"
Can't wait to read all about yours!


Christina Lea Loves said...

Such a sweet post! And love your dress in the picture with your stepson!

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