Monday, February 1, 2016


It has been a joke around our house, well a joke based on heritage, tradition and truth.  
Rob said that Eva will be a hockey player.  As he put it, "she is my last hope."  
In Rob's family, kids are put on skates at 18  months old.  They are French Canadian and that is just what they do.

He told me I got my cheerleader so now it is his turn.  

I obliged.  I think it would be great if Eva takes to skating and if hockey is what she ends up loving and wanting, I'm game.

Last weekend, we hopped on down to a little rink that is in the center of our town.
We got the skates on the girls, Daddy laced up and I snapped the pics.

Diana did pretty well for her first time (well about the third time on the ice but she doesn't remember the first couple of times because she was so little)

Eva LOVED it.  It is no exaggeration.  Every time Rob handed her to me (so he could take a turn with Diana), she would cry and yell.  HYSTERICAL.  Diana liked it a her age but not like this.  She was CRAZY about it.

Here are a few pics from last Sunday

My parents got so excited that Eva loved it so they invited us down for Sunday dinner AND to skate on the large rink that they have in their common.

We got the same reaction from Eva- OBSESSED

Diana did even better this time and was able to get around on her own
(Thank God because Eva did not want to take one break)

Papa Pete even walked around the ice to help give Daddy's back a break ;)
I snapped a few good ones


 As you can see, everyone is dressed lightly.  Do you hear me complaining?  HECK NO!  It has been unseasonably warm- the perfect Winter for Moi!!  It was 60 degrees here yesterday so the ice was not in ideal condition- it was melting and slushy in spots but the girls still got some fun time in!


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