Monday, March 21, 2016

Life Lately (March 21, 2016)

Life Lately

Today is my 
Mom's Birthday!
Woohoo- Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!
I should run a contest on my blog to guess her age
You wouldn't OR you would say "she has had work"
Seriously though?  She hasn't!
We laugh when people say "Who did your work?  I want to go to him!"

Even though we are not Irish, Lucky The Leprechaun paid the girls a visit
This year, he peed in our toilet again (and made it green)
and brought the girls Lucky Charms, stuffed animals and trinkets
They got a kick out their things ;)

Diana had to do a biography report
She chose Betsy Ross
She completed reading and research and then a timeline
Then she had to make a bottle character (with much help from Daddy!)
Lastly, she had to put together a PowerPoint presentation AND
do the oral presentation for the parents....yes in 2nd grade!
She was outstanding- We are so proud of her
The kids were all great
Such a challenge and they rose to the occasion
We are able to snap a few pix AND even video her presentation (not the best quality but you will get the idea)

I am blessed to have many friends
Although my hubby is my go to person for EVERYTHING, it is always nice to unwind and get advice from girlfriends too...don't ya think?
The blogging community is an added bonus too of course!
Our little town has really grown and we have some great little eateries where I meet up with the ladies regularly
On Wednesday, Jilly Bean treated me to breakfast at Windham Junction
We ran out of always...and didn't get to catch up on half of what we planned on
If you are local, check them out- food is outstanding! 
Find them HERE

and Friday, it was time for lunch with Lea (with mimosas of course)
Mary Ann's Diner is a 50's diner that was first popular in Derry
They opened their second location a few years back in Windham, which is right around the corner
They just announced that they are actually opening up a 3rd location in Salem
The locals are thrilled!
Check them out HERE

This past Saturday, we were in Providence for Diana's Cheer Comp
ECE competed at the East Coast Classic
Diana's team, Junior Frost came in 2nd place
We were SO PROUD of them because their entire routine had changed with more complicated pieces added!  We are so excited to see how the routine shapes up next week!  We were able to snap some pix- enjoy!

Yesterday was Palm Sunday and this begins Holy Week in church- my favorite week in church all year
For some reason, Pidge decided that yesterday would be here "worst behaved day in church ever"
It was like we were on Candid Camera....seriously
Anyway, we got our palms and received the sacrament but it was challenging to say the least
I always have to remember though...

and then we celebrated my mom's bday
At night, Rob and I watched The Passion Of The Christ- this is our annual tradition and reminds us always where we came from

Hope you all have an amazing week!


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