Monday, March 28, 2016

Let's Talk (Moms!)

I am thrilled to be linking up with Erika and Andrea again, for another session of "Let's Talk!" This month, the topic is MOMS.  Linking up HERE

I am going to highlight the 4 moms that are closest in my life
Don't get me wrong- I have plenty of relatives and friends that are wonderful moms and always inspire me, however, these four touch me daily

First, of course, My Mom Diane (a.k.a Mimi)

My mom is a bundle of energy, full of passion and a love of life.  I get the qualities from her (although I still think she has twice the energy I do!)  My daughter Diana was named after her (and Princess Diana) and she really is very much like her (it is hysterical)
 My mom is the oldest of 3 and was and is a typical "Oldest Child"- a leader- fierce competitor and very successful- I always need to know that she agrees with my decisions and is proud of me (or I lose sleep)...silly right?  I am 42...but I still yearn for that approval

We also share a passion for the ocean and always look forward to trips to the beach~

 Next, My Mother In Law Barbara a.k.a Grammy

My husband Rob looks just like Grammy.  My daughter Diana actually looks alot like her too
Grammy has had a rough year, health wise.  It started with back surgery last summer, and then a long recovery, only to face some set backs and major physical challenges.  We are all praying for her and praying for her returned strength.
Her joy now comes from seeing my girls and getting to enjoy their energy.

We share a love of cooking and trying recipes.  We are both big fans of The Food Network.  She even tapes various shows.  Due to her lack of physical strength, she has done a great job teaching my father-in-law how to cook.  We always know they are trying a new recipe when we hear furious chopping going on! 

Grammy is the youngest of 11 children- yes 11!  She was the baby and as she always tell us "her mother's favorite" -hysterical!

What I love most about my mother-in-law is that I can truly be myself around her- always have been able to- so low maintenance.  She and my father-in-law welcomed me with open arms and really love me unconditionally- sure we have those "in law annoyances from time to time" as everyone does- and I am sure they get annoyed by me and my ways, however, I consider myself very very lucky to have them!"

Next up Cassandra (a.k.a Cass or Auntie Cass)
Cassandra is my best friend and the sister I never had
She is like family- we have known each other for 18 years!
Here she is, Wonder Woman, in all of her glory! :)
 We met when I was living in Watertown.  My roommate was moving out and we needed a new roommate and Cass answered the call - the rest is history!
We clicked right away.  Over the years, destiny kept taking its course.
We both ended up living in Windham and moved here around the same time.  We both had two girls.
We then both moved to our dream homes around the same time too.

Those are life conveniences however.  The real stuff includes always having someone to talk to and get advice from; always being able to depend on that special person.  She is "my person" if you follow Grey's Anatomy.  She is my shopping partner, the mom who understands every feeling I go through and the wife who is trying to get it all right.  Sometimes I believe that we go through things at the same time...only to help each other get to the other side.
I am blessed, beyond words, that God brought her to me.
I always wanted a just took a little time to find her!

Lastly, Jill (a.k.a Jilly Bean)
Jill is my friend, who as a mom, makes everything look easy.  She is pregnant with Baby #5- yes 5!
Here she is with her hubby- as Super Girl- duh!
 Jill and I met through the MOM's club in town.  Even though she is not a "working mom", she was really sensitive to my work schedule when others weren't.  She made a point of setting up play dates for our girls, around my work schedule.  I will never forget that.  Our girls became great friends and the bonus was that I made a great friend too!

We share a love for town politics and town "stuff" in general.  Because she makes life look so easy, she always inspires me to do more.  Our hubbies get along great as well and it is always so comfortable and fun when we hang out.

So there you have it- the Moms!


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