Monday, March 7, 2016

ECE Cheer Comp #1 of the 2016 Season- Spirit Fest in Hartford CT!

Someday we will laugh about this, but for now, I need to wallow in self-pity and devastation

It was Diana's first comp of the season
We were SO EXCITED for it and decided to book a room in Hartford and get there the night before

You would chuckle if you heard all of my grandiose plans

I packed bags and bags of outfits and snacks and wine (of course)

Diana's coaches called a list minute practice Friday night but we still decided to drive down right after practice

and we did
We got to our hotel at 10:45pm.  Eva slept the whole ride down and then was WIDE awake and thought it was time to play once we got in our room

Poor Rob ended up walking her all over the hotel until 1:45am- great start right?
Bottom line, she slept four hours because we had to get up at 6 to get Diana ready and over to the convention center by 7am

As sleep-deprived as he was, my awesome husband, put on his "Cheer Dad" shirt and took care of business
Check it out!  I got him this gem for Christmas this year ;)

We got to the convention center and met up with our friends there.  Once the girls were with their coaches, we decided to mosey on over to the Cafe for coffee and breakfast

Here are a few shots of the girls when we dropped them off!

We had a leisurely little time and slowly made our way over to the stage.  We had time to kill so we were enjoying several performances.
Right at 9am, when our girls were scheduled to go on, something dawned on me to ask someone which Hall we were in.  When the woman said A and I knew we had to be in Hall B, I panicked and started crying immediately.  The four of us PLUS our friend's son AND our stroller with Eva in it FLEW over to Hall B.
Much to our shock and disappointment, we missed our girls' performance
Devastation doesn't begin to cover what I was feeling
I was angry, exhausted, so sad and just in disbelief

Some of  the other cheer coaches from town were consoling me and one even showed me their performance on her iPad...I was happy to see that Diana's stunt went up and that she looked great....all the girls did...their routine was dynamite.

I was just so sad.  When Diana came running over to hug me, I squeezed her as hard as I could.  We didn't want to let her down so we didn't tell her...she is only 7 and she would have been devastated too.
Someday, like I said, we will be able to laugh about this.  For now, it is just too soon.
I don't want her to be crushed; hopefully in a year or two, she will laugh right with us.

The silver lining is, that the girls placed1st- 1st!
So proud of them!
We were able to enjoy them receiving their awards and then getting their backpacks and taking pics after.  That is where we snapped a few of our own- Enjoy

Better luck next time- in two weeks- in Providence!  You know I will be the first one at the RIGHT stage ;)

and we were able to snag a picture of Diana and Lily before we left
Lily's team was competing later in the day- Cheer Besties!


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