Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What's "Hap-Pinning" Wednesday (#1) (Life & Looks Lately)

WHW: #1 (Life and Looks Lately)

This is my first time linking up with Jenn & Jessi
I am really excited.  Find the linkup HERE

Election Day
We had a wonderful election day this year; the weather was so warm and perfect for campaigning
Though our school didn't pass, we were the closest we have ever been and many of us are very encouraged and hopeful that it will pass next year

The biggest success was our voter turnout so our GOTV efforts really worked this year...and just think, it all started with a little video....the power of social media and networking at its finest!

Our candidate got on the school board too- very happy for him and look forward to this board putting their differences aside and getting things done this year!

Friday Night with Girlfriends
We went to a benefit in town first.  It was run by the baseball league and it was called "First Pitch"
Rob played with Kevin for the first two hours
They were the best part of the night
Us ladies headed out when they were done to grab a few drinks and the amazing truffle fries at Red's- yummo! (especially when you haven't been eating carbs all week)

Saturday Night at Rock of Ages

Have you heard of Rock of Ages?  AWESOME musical chock full of 80's music
We went with a bunch of friends this past weekend and had a ball!
We started with dinner at Firefly (which was awesome)
Check it out HERE

and then once we were at the theater, the cocktails kept flowing and the singing (by the ladies) was epic ;)

Disney Prep!

So we are trying to plan out our week in Disney, without nailing things down and getting too stressed out (trying is the key word in the above sentence)
We want to share our time between our family and friends WHILE keeping everyone happy (easier said than done right?)
A good way I escape the pressure is my planning outfits for my girls and me (I know it can be a problem)

I always love going to Old Navy for them and I did this year
I also snagged a couple of great things for them at Crazy 8 too
Snagged this dress for Diana- You can find it HERE
and a coordinating one for Eva- you can find it HERE

and of course what is a dress without the proper accessories like glasses, sunhats and fancy sandals?
You can find them all at Crazy 8 HERE

 and then a whole lot of tees and shorts from Old Navy!

and for Mama?
Piecing together outfits- some new pieces and then going back through my old things and making them new again :)
This outfit came from 3 different places believe it or not- That's the way it rolls sometimes

Pants HERE
Wedges HERE
Necklace HERE

and then if you are like me, when you find a style that looks good on you, you tend to buy multiple items/sets/you get the hint
That was the case with these Gap Girlfriend Chinos- LOVE them so I got them in three colors- Daybreak Blue, Pink Reef and True Indigo
Find them HERE 

and some older Lilly pieces that will be making the trip (sorry sold out unless you can snag them on Ebay)

Easter Dinner Planning in Full Effect

Check out some of the things I am considernig
All Pins- thank you Pinterest and a very appropriate way to wrap up this post on
What's "Hap-Pinning" Wednesday!

Asparagus, Pancetta and Puff Pastry Bundles

Bacon Wrapped Peaches with Basil and Balsamic

and Bacon Pea Salad

all of the above I am thinking of making to accompany our lamb and beef roasts...we shall see!


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