Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Beautiful Easter Weekend for 2016!

As you know, it is my favorite week in church all year. It always reminds me just how much sacrifice he made for me; still uncomprehensible.

One of our family traditions every year is to do Easter baking and prep with my mom
Although we had a cheer competition on Holy Saturday, Diana was adamant that we still "bake with Mimi."

We decided to do it on Good Friday and I am so glad we did.  Since it was raining, my Dad didn't golf so he enjoyed the festivities too. 
We had a great time making Birds' Nest Cookies, Bunny Breads and Coloring Eggs

 Even Eva got in on the action- she had a ball!
I  made a meatless dinner for all of us- Coconut and Panko Encrusted Flounder, Seared Orange Scallops, Avacado and Nectarine Salad and Pizza for My Dad and Kiddos.  It was a great day!

On Holy Saturday, we had a cheer comp in Providence so most of the day was taken up by that.  I had grand plans to do some more prep done when we got home but I was so tired that I just crashed!

It's okay because on Easter morning, I got up at 5 and Rob did too.  He helped me get everything done- from setting the table, to grilling the peaches for an appetizer to vacuuming- he was such a big help and we got everything done!

 The girl's loved their baskets...especially the mouse ears that the bunny brought ;)

 Then it was time to go outside for the annual Easter Egg Hunt
It was a little chilly but not too bad
This year the bunny brought "Disney Stuffed Eggs" Some of the eggs even had mouse ears on them!  (Thank you Target) :)

 (Batman Supervised) ;)

Then it was time for church
We posed in our matching Lilly Dresses of course

Back at home, the girls were spoiled with two more baskets each (compliments of their grandparents who go overboard!)

The apps I served were all Pinterest recipes I found this year: I would make them all again- we loved them!

Asparagus Pancetta Bundles

Carrot Cheese Ball

 Balsamic Basil Grilled Peaches

Dinner was delicious too!  My mom made the most delicious stuffed lamb- it is an Emeril recipe and it did not disappoint!  We also had ham, my mom's delicious fettucine alfredo, my father-in-law's Potatoes O'Gratin, Peas with Bacon (another great Pinterest Recipe), Strawberry Cucumber Salad and of course, our Bunny Breads

Dessert was my mom's traditional Ricotta Pie, her Italian cookies and the Birds' Nest Cookies that we made

It was a wonderful day! 


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