Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

For answered prayers...

For safe flights and a safe trip for my hubby...this is how mushy we are....
We took of pictures of each other and sent them to each other while Rob was flying out to Nashville...see?

Robby on the plane
and me at home....holding down the fort...with the protection of Zack and our Quarterback Joey! (That is why I look semi-calm..did I mention I HATE flying and HATE when my family flies?)

for Rob being able to see Nashville...a city he always wanted to get to because of the music mecca that it is...he sent me this pic from there!

for finding the perfect and FLATTERING dress for my upcoming 20th high school reunion-score!  (Gotta love Nordi's)

For the new and successful team we have put together at work...we just realized yesterday that 3 of us our step-moms!!  Guaranteed it is a big reason why we all get along so well!  (One of my new work pals, Heather, brought in a bag of clothes for  Diana because her daughter has outgrown them- so nice!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them too...especially this Gymboree sweatshirt dress...doesn't she look adorable?)

For little things like my dentist covering my ENTIRE crown because of a mistake his office made- LOVE him  (and all of the mistakes they make) ;)

For a great Friday night with my mom...nothing like deep conversations...great cocktails and apps and belly laughs to last a lifetime!


TheUnSoccerMom said...

ohhhh! did he eat @ Jack's???? they have THE best Brisket EVA!!!

I've never flown, but I hate it when my family does too... Christen flew to Sweden a couple of summers ago. I didn't get much sleep on her way there and back. ;o)

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