Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday Night Dance Party and Such.... you already know, Friday nights are my favorite at home....alone...with the kiddos or having some friends over for dinner...I just love the coziness of it and the anticipation of the weekend.

It can sometimes be even more fun in Fall and last night, it really was.

Cass and Alexis came over.  I made my Autumn Risotto for the adults and got a pizza for the kiddos...then for dessert for  the kiddos, I made a Halloween favorite, ghosts in the graveyard!  Us moms enjoyed wine and caramel apple martinis and then the best part of all....a DANCE PARTY!!!

Cass and I were reminiscing about our good 'ole days as single girls back in Watertown...we had some legendary dance parties in our living room there and they happened to be around this time of year too.  Last night, we recreated those days but this time, we had a couple of sidekicks with we are passing on another tradition!

Later on, we got a surprise, Ally and Lisa came over to hang out for awhile.  It was a great night!

P.S. (Here are some pix from our impromptu dance party)

and here is my Halloweentime Masterpiece...Ghosts in the Graveyard (big hit with the girls!)


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