Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anticoagulation Pharmacist Role

I have never used my blog to recruit but I MUST!  I am helping one of our best client hospitals here in Massachusetts and we are looking for an Anticoagulation Pharmacist with very strong leadership skills.

I am paying a $1,000 referral fee to anyone who can refer me a candidate who makes it to at least the final round of interviews!

Who do you know??

THANK YOU so much for your help! CALL ME  HOLLY (866) 352-3337


Genn said...

Hi Holly!
Thanks for the nice comment on my wiww post!

Funny about your post today because I am sitting next to my husband who is a pharmacist and told him what you are looking for. He said that is what he did in Idaho (where we used to live). Dosed coumadin all day long. Sorry he is not in the Massachusetts area! We are in Ca. :)

Good luck finding someone!

Genn said...

Hi Holly,
thanks for yoru comment on my wiww post!
My brown bag is Steve Madden and I snagged that baby at marshall's! I couldn't believe it was only $50. I love it. :)

ps- good luck finding an aticoagulation pharmacist! My husband is a pharmacist and dosing coumadin is all he used to do. Funny.

Holly said...

OMG Genn- do you guys want to move to New England by chance? We will pay for relocation!! ha ha :) Seriously tell your hubby if he knows anyone with anticoag who is open for relo, we will pay and they can contact me directly at (866) 352-3337 or

Thanks for your comments- they make my day! :)

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