Sunday, October 2, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Sunday

I love these colors for fall...bright orange paired with blue stripes and gold accessories...perhaps some camel colored shoes/boots too?  love it
Look at my baby!  Truly feels like yesterday...she was just learning how to smile here! Melts my heart!

and look how big she is NOW!

It is all about surrounding yourself with positive people and choosing those who choose you
More memory lane?  Well OK!
and further back....Mama's sweet days with OPIS

and learning to be more patient and tolerant and not judge as much...a work in this passage

and this weekend was Parent's Weekend at UNH....Rob finally got a picture of me at the front of the farm I love (I know I am a whack job- just go with it!)

and Monkey walking down the halls of Stoke with Big Sister Ally...she thinks she owns the joint!


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