Sunday, October 23, 2011


We are officially in the playoffs- woohoo!  Mimi and Papa came to join in the festivities yesterday and we had a ball!

Mimi made her awesome sausages with onions and peppers and her legendary chicken wings.....

and we partied like the best of them!

The JAGS also welcomed the Wolverines- the youth football program in town....everyone partied hard and the JAGS made it worth while with a final score of 59-28- WOOHOO!!

and here is Papa Pete with his homemade sign for Zach....notice the perfect measurements?  YES he is an engineer!  (he even got Zach to laugh when the team walked by and that is HUGE!)

 #3 is Joey...our Quaterback and my house guest this past week..he rocks!

Ally sporting her new do....major change thanks to Bella Viaggio...I just LOVE it!

 and Kayla...the birthday girl....we celebrated with purple cupcakes...purple is her color!


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