Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Ally getting into college and being there to see her open her very first acceptance letter

Overdue gratitude alert....a very special visit from Kayla...Diana had so much fun with her big is so nice to have conversations with Kayla now...can't believe she is an adult..where did the time go??? GREAT jobs to work on again...forgot how fun our business is and now remember why I have been doing this for 15 years

Claribel- a new magician with a blow dryer- at Bella

Special Dunks trips with Monk and Ally for an afternoon pick-me-up

Zack's courage...stay tuned...really keeping it on the down low but so proud of him for something big he accomplished this week

Mimi's visit with special valentine's gifts including a VERY fancy bottle of wine...all for ME! ha ha

Gossiping with Papa Bob...I end up in tears from laughter when he gives me his take on certain things...and certain someones

a 60 degree day today...holla! (breaking out the open-toed shoes for a night out with my WAG friends tonight)


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