Sunday, February 27, 2011

Surprise Date Night!

I still can't believe it. Rob told me last week to save Saturday night for him. He had something planned. Then he proceeds to tell me that Monkey will be sleeping over Grammy and Papa's, he just needed me to commit. Okay! Wow...I am not used to this. A night out just with my hubby and one that he planned all by himself...I didn't have to worry about what we were going to do or if everyone was having fun or how are we going to pay for this...he took care of it all and I got to relax...what is that again???

What a wonderful night! He started by taking me to Surf in Nashua- my favorite restaurant of all time. We had a drink at the bar and shared our favorite appetizer and salad. Just perfect. We used to say we love the drinks and apps and are usually too full by dinner so this time, we did it just right. (Maybe I should let him make the plans from now on!)

Then we headed out and to Manchester because he got tickets to one of my favorite bands....RASCAL FLATTS!!!! I still can't believe it.

They are one of the top selling country bands of all time and they sing some of our favorite songs...My Wish (which we used in Diana's first year birthday video)...What Hurts The Most...Life is a Highway and so many more.

They did not disappoint and it felt like we were teenagers on a date..we talked about that. Because of our life circumstances, we never had the fun...carefree dating life that so many couples enjoy...I actually never had that...always had to be grown up and serious and worry about how fast I could get married because that is what I was supposed to do.

All I have to say now is "God Bless the Broken Road That Lead Me Straight To You"

Thanks Rob..I had a blast and you planning everything means the world to me xoxoxo


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