Friday, February 25, 2011

UMD Memories

Spring Ball- Senior Year- with Kel and Steph

My friend Kelly, from college, messaged me today on Facebook and asked me to fill out this little survey. WOW! This really tested my memory! As I struggled to remember names of bars, etc, I found myself laughing and also getting that familiar pain in my I miss my friends and loves from UMD. My favorite part of college was always having friends around ALL THE never had to be alone and that was wonderful. I replied to Kelly and though I would post it on my blog as she is one of my loyal followers as well. Love ya Kel and hope to see you soon xoxoxo

Here was my response:

Oh wow Kel- how fun! I may have to put this on my blog :) Ok- here goes nothing!

My UMD answers for the following are:

Favorite restaurant
(depends on the year- sophomore year was Pizza Hut- remember the breadsticks? overall fave was D'Angelos and by Senior Year, close to graduating and entering the real world, my taste buds became more particular and I loved Freestone's on the waterfront in New Bedford)

Favorite meal at the cafe- in the dorms, it would've been the chicken patty sandwich (can still hear Brian and Kevin doing their chicken patty song) and then in the commuter cafe, as a junior and senior, it was the bagels- they were the bomb!

Favorite drink- at the time it was beer- 25 cent drafts at Matt Neil's- remember? ha ha!

Favorite bar- I can't believe I am struggling with remembering the names but I would say The Rat..before we were 21- so much more thrilling and then more underage bars would Giesta's...and what was the one down on the water in Fairhaven- LOVED it there too! Then there was the Palladium...remember that place? so many fun times there too

Favorite expression- I'm ALL SET and It's ALL GOOD/AG Baby

Best night out-
one of the Senior Nights at the Rat stands out in my mind right now

Best night in- With Brian, freshman year

Craziest night out- one of many Junior Year- a party at Rotch St- that was my craziest year of all

Craziest trip/road trip
- Cancun of course :)

Favorite song- All for Love by Color Me Bad- some close seconds include Baby Got Back and Informer and IF by Janet Jackson

Favorite experience- Guys and Dolls is at the top of mine too Kel- all of my theatre company experiences, my experiences working at the Disabled Student Services, Cancun and then living in the Dell- overall best was having friends to be with every day of my life in college

Most unusual experience?
ummm...several...really can't mention here but yes....the walk of shame is included in them- ha ha

Thanks Kel- this was a blast and reminded me once again how much fun I had :)


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