Sunday, February 20, 2011

10 on 10: February 2011

So there is something in the blogging community called 10 on 10. On the 10th of the month, you are charged with taking 10 pictures throughout the day. The pictures should document the things you are going through on that day.

Well the last two months, since I discovered this fun project, the 10th has been on an office day for me and I am sure that no one wants to see several shots of my computer and phone and desk...well you get the picture.

Just for kicks, I did my 10 yesterday (oh yes on the 19th of February)..I guess that is quirky me. I just couldn't wait to partake in this AND yesterday was a super exciting and busy day (and my days are usually not that exciting so why not capture it when it comes by every so often!)

Here it goes!

We lost power! SHOCKER! Of course we did. We live in Windham and the wind blows the wrong way, we lose power. Early Saturday morning, the winds were up to 50 miles an hour! We woke up to this- cold house!

There was no power at Jazzercise either so headed over to the gym for a treadmill workout

Needed coffee after! No power = no keurig. Stopped at Dunks and horrified to find this note on the drive thru- BOO!

Since Diana slept over Grammy and Papa's on Friday night, she was still at their house warm (thanks to their generator) and we headed over to hang out for awhile...shower and have some quality time

Sheet music that Rob printed up for me so I was prepared for voice class. (Our theater director is offering a few of us, from the show, some voice classes at her studio in Nashua- will be getting some training for the next few weeks- so fun and these specific lessons are to train for auditions- so cool

The girls met for a quick lunch at Margarita's next to Michele's studio

Here is Michele in action with Becca (it is funny how my only peeps who never have a problem with me taking pictures for my blog are my theater peeps- go figure- just hysterical!)

Back at home, Rob and I catch up on Facebook while the Monk naps!

We grabbed a cas dinner over at the pub in town- J. Michael's- Monk enjoyed Mama's sunglasses and accessories more than her hot dog!

And we ended the day with an adventure! Monk's first time bowling! As soon as they put the shoes on the counter, she pointed to the little ones and said "those are mine" - separate post coming on that one- just too precious!


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