Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pandora Beads and Tax Returns

So...Rob and I have a tradition that we started a few years ago. We go into H & R Block to have our taxes done and if it is a year that is not bad and we get some type of return, we go next door to the jewelry store after and I get to pick out a pandora bead for my bracelet.

My bracelet's theme is Pink & Green and All Things Sentimental. I have a heart with a key from Rob symbolizing our love, a girl to symbolize Diana, a K for Kayla, an A for Ally and a Football for Zack. I also have a diamond studded cross to symbolize my faith, a clam shell with a starfish sitting on it for my love of the beach and a tulip to symbolize favorite season...the season of hope. Then sprinkled between my sentimental beads are my pink and green stone beads, glass beads and spacers.

I am posting a picture of the bracelet that originally inspired mine. I cannot believe that my bracelet is so close to being full...I also love the way that Rob is so proud and really did the majority of the work putting this bracelet together and truth be told, he picked out most of the beads on it!

Yesterday, after filing our taxes, we exhaled and then Rob picked out my newest bead- the clam shell with the starfish...Summer is almost here right? It is almost beach time....we keep telling ourselves that!

I am posting pix of all of the beads I have collected thus far too :)


mckaloy said...

All these Pandora Bracelets help you to express your emotions in your own special way.

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