Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

The opportunity to take Diana to see Sesame Street Live and her reaction of pure awe and joy

oh and we cannot forget the margaritas at Garcia Brogan's...yeah maybe they made my mom and I sick but they truly tasted like the nectar of the Gods...closest thing to Poco's around

Not losing power this winter, as of yet...with several MAJOR snowstorms (we lose power when the wind blows the wrong way in Windham yo)

Friday night bliss...first one I have had since Friday November 19th- why? Let's just look at the blackberry (now mind you, I had lots of fun but still, not my Friday night chill with wine, sushi and a chick flick after Diana is in bed and Rob is at his gig!) Humor me peeps: Nov 26th (Thanksgiving weekend in York with the fam), Dec 3rd (Christmas shopping with Monkey), Dec 10th (Cass's Silpada Party), Dec 17th (the end of the Christmas shopping with Monkey), Dec 24th (Christmas Eve- enough said), Dec 31st (New Year's Eve- again enough said), Jan 7th (Zack's basketball game), Jan 14th (opening night of my show!), Jan 21st (had kitten over for dinner and relationship counseling) and this past Frday???? Ahhhh.....spicy tuna roll, Pepperwood Pinot and Love Happens...pure bliss!

Two contract starts this week

Being asked to help manage the campaigns of two friends running for school board...two impressive and bright friends that add so much to our community

Our always...just a wonderful support system..I know not everyone has this and I never take it for granted

The new judges on American Idol...can I just say how beautiful Jennifer Lopez is...I can't stop staring at her...her skin...her hair...her teeth and then her personality makes her that much more beautiful and then Steven Tyler? I have always been a fan but even more so now when I can see his true passion for music...the chemistry between him and Lopez is infectious..and Randy "Dog" is actually being kinda chill this year...much more appealing


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