Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear Diana (at 2 and 1/2) !

Dear Diana,

Wow! I don't even know how we got here. You are truly a little person now. This past week, more than any, I have had what I am calling "baby remorse". I have been flashing back so much, about times when you were a cooing baby...all drooley and such. I miss my little baby so much but I am so happy and grateful that you are a healthy, happy little girl. More and more, too, I feel like I have a little sidekick who enjoys the things I do. I know this feeling will only get stronger and I am so excited to share life with you.

You are quite the character. Not only do we notice it but all four of your grandparents do, your teachers do and even the other moms at dance class have made comments to me. You have quite the personality and you are such a ham!

I describe you to people like this- "she is like a boy- she just wants to run and jump!" It is so true. I also call you our "Energizer Bunny" because you continuously outlast all of us! I am in bed before you sometimes!

Some of your newest sayings that are quite comical are: Chuck E Cheese (your ch's are over pronounced ESPECIALLY when you are scared-hysterical) and Angela for that matter because the g also becomes a ch! (ha ha) Last week (this has been your newest catch phrase- you love saying you did things or saw people LAST WEEK. Pirate Booty (also a new favorite healthy snack)- you say it so cute but not when you yell it in church!!

Favorite activities: Dance Class (and of course the way you say that) is still #1. You LOVE going to class each week and Mama really messed up this week. It is school vacation week and the studio was closed and I didn't realize it until I pulled into the parking lot- although you were shocked and just stared at me scared for the longest time, you let it roll off your back and then lunch at McD's helped you fully recover.

You love going to Mimi and Papa's and playing with all of the toys they have bought you AND you especially love when they take you to Rain Forest Cafe (this is also something very funny that you say- you say it like you are a little Irish girl with a brogue "Rain Fod est" so precious. You are scared with some of the animals BUT love to face your fear...or obsess like someone else you picked that up from- ha ha! You have been spending more and more time with Papa Bob and Grammy and you have enjoyed some sleepovers there too. You walk like you "own the joint" . It is just hysterical. You love running around in their big family room and then also running between Papa Bob in the family room and Grammy down in the get a kick out of that. You also watch Scooby Doo with Grammy in her bed, on the computer. You say now, "Scooby Do Where Are You??" That always touches Zack because that was his thing to do with Aunt Syl. Two new favorite activities include bowling (just went once last week but you got a BIG kick out of it) and ice skating (2 times now and the smile never leaves your face). We also plan on doing swim class again this Spring..we like to keep you busy and burning that endless energy. At home, you love to be a Mama and take care of your babies. You have nicknamed all of your babies "Silly" because I have always called you that...from day one. So now you are the Mama and your babies are Silly.

Favorite shows: So Elmo is still a favorite but you really don't watch Sesame anymore (occasionally so Mama can feel like she still has a baby). The Fresh Beats are still a favorite and now you like to play along with your guitar or drums. Two weeks ago, you discovered Barney and Daddy said that he couldn't believe he was back here again. You are mesmerized with him the way you were with Elmo in the beginning- it is too cute. You also enjoy Dino Dan- that kills me- it is really the stereotypical boys show at 5pm and you don't move a muscle when it is on- I don't even understand what is going on with that show but it seems like you do! You still love the other Nick Jr shows too like Little Bill, Olivia, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Wonder Pets and Dora but most of the time you rather run around and play with your toys.

Favorite foods:
Typical toddler- one week you love something, the next week you hate it. I am impressed, however, with your love of fruit, broccoli and green beans so we try to add these healthy elements to as many meals as possible.

You are so sensitive. When you truly cry (not the cry when you are angry/having a tantrum), I cry. You wear your heart on your sleeve like a few others I know and you are truly a caring and special little girl. When you think you have hurt someone's feelings, you quickly say "I sorry" and try to give them a hug. Pain in my heart.

I want you to keep that sensitivity and care in your heart forever.

I love you my baby bird.

Love, Mama


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