Wednesday, February 3, 2010

up to 131...

131. I love Oracle

132. Favorite Restaurants? Surf in Nashua, The Beach House in Hampton (no longer in business but I will never forget it), King Fish Hall in Boston (you really have to try Todd English's revolving shell booths- nothing like 'em!), Buckley's in Merrimack NH, The Pasta Loft in Hampstead, NH, Limoncello's in the North End of Boston, Haru in the South End of Boston, Sato in Stoneham, Bamboo in Westford, Michael's Harborside in Newburyport (Favorite times with Ann Marie and Ish), Bainbridges (favorite times with Julie), The Iguana Cantina in Waltham (favorite times with Cass) and Atlantic Fish Boston...there are plenty more but these are the ones that jump out at me

133. I wish I could stop worrying so much

134. I just coordinated another successful team dinner...this time for Zack's Freshman Basketball Team and the JV Basketball team...very fun and another opportunity to volunteer in the community!

135. Favorite Wines? J. Lohr Cabernet, Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir, Tohu Sauvignon Blanc I am still trying to figure out what the perfect Prosecco was that I had a few years back at Silks (Tyngsboro) perfect with chocolate...and that was definitely a sweet and such the perfect dessert wine...if you can recommend any good dessert wines...please do!)

136. Okay... Modern Family..which I didn't include in my favorite tv shows in the past post is quickly becoming one...I start thinking about certain scenes, while I am working and CRACK UP...I LOVE IT!

137. Going to Florida soon...going to be flying with Diana for the first time...nervous of course...planning lots of activities to try and keep her occupied!


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