Tuesday, February 2, 2010


121. My friend Sharon went to France to study abroad during her junior year at UMD and met the love of her life. She came back to finish school and immediately upon graduation returned to be with him. They married shortly after that and she has been living in France ever since. They have now, since, welcomed a beautiful baby girl Maya into the world...we (Sharon and I) are still plotting her permanent return to the states!

122. There is a special connection between Julie, Mark, Rob and Me...not just a best friend connection but something I have never been able to put into words...the closest I can come is magic and we know we were brought together for a reason...what I wouldn't give for one night of laughs...just the four of us once again

123. Re: #122, it does not mean that I do not love Cory....he is a very good man, husband, father and friend...such a resourceful and true friend...now a necessity to have around us all :)

124. I think our dog is sick and we don't want to talk about it...stay tuned

125. It was Julie who once said, "I have turned my friends into family and my family into friends" and that is a motto to live by

126. I have learned to leave like Seinfeld did...on a high note...so they remember the good...and while you are at your peak

127. I know my limits...as much as this blows my ego some times...I just know

128. The best advice I give my candidates? Go on the interview! There are so many reasons why you should! (email me if you want to hear just 5- hbreton@bfsassociates.com)

129. I don't hang up before saying I love you...to my husband...to my step kids....to my parents....you just never know...

130. I think handwritten thank you notes both on a personal and professional level are the classiest way to express gratitude and unfortunately not very common...I save every thank you note I receive...does that make me a hoarder?


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