Saturday, February 6, 2010

138. Spring is my favorite season...then Summer....then Fall...I have really learned to love the Fall...especially over the last few years... and now look forward to pumpkins and apples and Halloween festivities....scary movies...caramel apple martinis...and all of the magic I am now seeing through Diana's eyes

139. My Pandora Bracelet is filling up! I am loving it more and theme is family & love and all things pick and green...just got three more beads...a pink glass one with green polka dots...a green glass one with blue and green designs and a metal ball one with pink flowers all over it...I LOVE it!

140. Still loving my Keurig One Cup Coffee maker....sipping a cup of hot steaming cinnamon pastry coffee right now while my love makes the fam some breakfast overdue this morning...have already been to mass, grocery shopping and Target for the "vaca last minute items" :)

141. My husband has been on ice skates since the tender age of 3...he says, when you are French Canadian you don't have a choice...for as long as I have known him and for as much time we have spent together, I have NEVER SEEN HIM ON SKATES! It is one of my goals for 2010...want to see him on skates and perhaps even join him for a little bit :)

142. Favorite stores? Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Macy's, J Crew, Sephora, Target

143. In awe that the same show that was so magical to me as a child, has the same exact impact on my guessed it....Sesame Street! Her favorite is Elmo :)

144. Some times I look at my daughter and can't help but just cry for so many reasons...I feel overwhelmed that God would give me such a gift...I feel overwhelmed thinking that I am responsible for shaping this human being and PRAY I make all of the right choices...and then I am overwhelmed with gratefulness and sometimes just overwhelmed with how cute and innocent she is and I want to smoosshhhhh her to pieces!!!

145. Have you ever read the column Single in the Suburbs? Though I am not single (and pray I will never be), I really enjoyed this ongoing column of a Divorced Mom from the Midwest making ends meet in her small town and navigating through the world of on-line dating. Check it out on MSN- the author is Sara Susannah Katz....she is only writing the column through this April but I hear her book is good too...going to check it out...It is called "Wife Living Dangerously"

146. I love what became the "Famous Wedding Entrance" about you? (I have attached the video for your enjoyment) Now why didn't I think of this?

147. Have you seen Jim and Pam's Wedding on the Office? Well they spoofed #146...another classic!


Sara Susannah Katz said...

Greetings, Pink Lady!
If you’re still addicted to Single in the Suburbs, you probably know that is about to “sunset” the series, a lovely way of saying that Sara and her characters will be laid to rest in April.
I wanted to let you know, and would be grateful if you let your readers know, that I just launched a new independent serial, The Devil Wears Dockers!

Thanks for being a reader, and thanks for any buzz you can give the new series.

Holly said...

Sara- You got it! Oh I am so excited...I was so depressed when I found out the column was has brought me so much entertainment....I will give it as much buzz as possible- SO EXCITED :) Thank you for writing

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