Monday, February 1, 2010


101. We just got those cleansing tablets for our toilets and I am loving looking down at blue water! ha ha

102. Rob shaved his go tee- I don't know what to do with myself

103. I will get an SUV the next time around...I now understand why everyone in NH drives is the only way to navigate our snowy and icy roads without driving off the road- YUCK!

104. My friend Donna is one of my heroes- she is my friend that did everything the right way and when you are supposed to do everything...she has also survived breast cancer at such a young age...some of my happiest times at work were because of Donna and now I am so happy that we live so close...she remains an inspiration to me

105. I hope that my ex husband is happy...despite what he truly believes

106. I saved the first voice mail I got from my now boss. He was leaving me the names of everyone I was going to meet during my final interview...I still get excited when I listen to it like I am starting a new job all over is the little things that bring me the most joy!

107. One of my all-time favorite SNL skits was a recent one when they imitated the "White House Crashers"...I mean it was SO dead on! hysterical

108. Rob's best friend has two brothers and a sister in Haiti...a week after the earthquake, they were found alive and we were so happy for him

109. Did I mention Rob shaved?..HELP

110. The State of the Union reminds me of one of my high school football games with all of the cheering, hooting and hollering- I found it quite comical

111. Do you think that Joe Biden wears hair plugs? Do you think that Nancy Pelosi looks like Skeletor? (that is my boss' nickname for her- hysterical)

112. I love Channel 7!

113. I don't understand the fascination with the show "Jersey Shore" and giggle when I hear the kids talk about "The Situation"...someone needs to get over himself huh?

114. The first time I felt Diana move in my belly was during the Rock N Roll Mass at St. Thomas in Derry on Palm Sunday- I will NEVER forget it!!!

115. My theater director in college, Angus Bailey, knew me better than most people ever have

116. Sexy? Jason Gedrick...John Hamm...Michael Buble....Antonio Sabato Jr...Patrick Dempsey and my favorite Robby B

117. I LOVE Ebay and do most of my shopping via that website...I have found that you can find most things for half price or even less...provided you read thoroughly, you can really save alot of money....I highly recommend ebay especially for all of you working moms who have no time to shop! (especially at Christmas time!)

118. I need to sleep with the tv on...all night...every night

119. I love jazz

120. I love doo wop


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