Sunday, February 21, 2010

Michelle Farrell for School Board!

So a friend from town and someone I look up to is running for school board. She is an educated and articulate woman with educational, professional and personal credentials that make her an ideal candidate for the post.

I volunteered to help her with her campaign. I started a Facebook page for her and held her sign at our town transfer station yesterday.

While standing on the corner of 111 and the transfer station, I had two hours to stand there think and contemplate various things. I thought to myself- when was the last time you had two hours alone to silence..with the sun shining on your face? I could not remember.

What I thought, though, was how lucky Michelle is to have a team of volunteers to help her with her campaign. I also thought about all of the things I respect about her.

She is a wife and a mother of three beautiful girls. She is active in her community- had the pleasure of working with her on PTA for three years. She has completed the Boston Marathon more than once-she is brilliant and gorgeous. We also share a passion for Lilly Pulitzer.

Above all, she is a classy woman who accepts all. I think we need her on our school board as she has first hand experience, knows the issues and truly understands what our kids need.

Check out her website-

Don't forget, to go to the polls on Tuesday March 9th (those of you Windhamites)...for the first time ever, the polls will be held at Windham High School! 7am-7pm.


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