Saturday, February 13, 2010


148. I wanna show you Jim and Pam's spoof now...enjoy

149. The most scary and exciting and successful time I ever had at work was starting well (saving) OPIS....the entire start-up experience was terrifying and then such a blast and it wouldn't have taken off and been so successful without my partners in crime...Donna, John, and Rick....and later on Missy and Caitlin :)

150. I love how Diana says balll.....Papa even when Mimi asks her to say Mimi....Dada! BA! Elmo...HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she is already so outgoing just like Mama another word she says occasionally

151. I have come to realize I sit too much..some of it is out of my control because of the nature of my work but I need to move more...starting NOW!

152. My husband is the best father and my mom says I am very lucky to have him

153. After our awesome trip to Fort Lauderdale, I became a fan of Cuban food...who knew?


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