Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dream Dinners!

So, I know what you all are thinking...yes I do! After everyone's negative experiences at Super Suppers in Windham, why would you try this concept again? Can't you just cook your meals from scratch in an oh-so-creative way...when you start cooking on weeknights at 7 pm? Ha!

I believe in the meal prep concept and due to all of the positive feedback I was hearing about Dream Dinners in North Andover, I had to give it a shot. That is where the best friend comes to the rescue. Cass said, "I will have a Dream Dinners will not believe the difference....Cathy is so nice and so flexible and I think everyone will have a good time."

Well..she did not disappoint! My mom and I could not believe the difference! Cathy was just so wonderful..friendly and hysterical and she has four kids!!!! I already look up to her :) She was so helpful and the entire experience was one that made us say....."we will be back very soon!" In fact, my mom is most likely going to do a party there.

So if you are new to this "meal prep concept", it is terrific for all of us working moms. Dream Dinners offers different meal choices each month, however, in addition to the new meals, Cathy also offers some "classic choices" which are some favorite meals. She also offered a great introductory package of 3 meals for $49.99 and most of the attendees last night took advantage of this option just to try it out. The meals I chose were honey lemon grilled chicken breasts, creamy chicken risotto and cider braised pork chops. There are different stations and instructions on how to prepare your main dishes. There is also a fridge with different sides and dessert choices you can take home.

To top off the evening, Cathy and her staff served us one of their specialty meals...a creamy shrimp risotto that was outstanding!!! As good as the risotto was, however, the lemon squares she served us for dessert were even better! I think I even dreamed about them last night...this means I need to go back and buy some-they were that good!

We had an absolute blast! Thank you Cathy! It was a fun night out for the ladies and my family will truly reap the benefits. We will be back soon. In fact, I am super excited to return!

I highly recommend Dream Dinners at 1211 Osgood Street in North Andover! Don't worry- you don't have to have a party there to enjoy this great concept! Set up an appointment to go in and fix your meals or you can even just walk in! Either way..give it a shot! You will not regret it...I guarantee love at first bite :)


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