Friday, March 21, 2008

100 Things I Want To Do Before I Leave This Life...

Thank you to Jacinda for this inspiration and YES I will join you in this fun!

1. Deliver a healthy happy Baby Diana
2. Get back into a Size 6 after all these years
3. Take a very fun family and friend trip to Mexico
4. Build, design and decorate my dream home
5. Buy a house/cottage on the ocean...endless summer dreams
6. Finance/help to finance my kids' and stepkids' college educations
7. Finacially help my parents and in-laws
8. Get involved with Community Theater again
9. Become an integral part of the drama group at our new high school
10. Run for selectman/school board/state rep some day
11. Run the Boston Marathon
12. Commit to the training program that will enable me to run the Marathon
13. Lift weights 3x/week
14. Reconnect with my college roommates and see them more often
15. Have a dining room and host large family holiday dinners
16. Have a beautiful flower garden
17. Write a book and have it published
18. Teach CCD classes
19. Become a stay at home mom some day
20. Build a very successful photography business
21. Stay close to weddings through my photography AND perhaps some wedding coordinating
22. Create a popular cooking show with my stepdaughter Ally
23. Help plan the weddings of my beautiful stepchildren and children
24. Dance with my husband at all of the above weddings
25. Make sure Diana stays close to Alexis during her entire life, just like her mom and me do
26. Instill a sense of strong catholic religion in Diana and any future children
27. Instill a good sense of responsibility and work ethic in Diana and future children
28. Do the family/friend girls sleepover that my mom and I have been talking about forever
29. Meet Barack Obama
30. Meet Richie Sambora
31. Meet Debbie, I mean Deborah Gibson
32. Meet Rachel Ray
33. Meet Giada DeLaurentis
34. Visit Hawaii
35. Visit Italy
36. Visit Japan
37. Learn how to make sushi
38. Have my next birthday dinner in the private room at Haru
39. Do a Trash the Dress Picture (yes my wedding dress again- I am obsessed- what can I say?)with my sexy hubby
40. Bill $250,000 at work by my 4th year
41. Learn how to sail
42. Ride on a motorcycle
43. Wear a bikini again
44. Feel comfortable in a Victoria's Secret Thong (i am not being gross just honest) ;)
45. Look great in a pair of True Religion Jeans
46. Look great in a True Religion Jean Skirt
47. Run a succesful dance studio
48. See my brother marry Gina AND of course help with the planning of that wedding too!
49. Snorkle
50. Swim with Dolphins
51. Get my lobster license
52. Get my clamming license
53. Host a traditional clambake
54. Do the Wine Country Tour
55. Become a Wine Expert
56. Read 10 New Books a Year
57. Visit the Island of Capri
58. Get Red Sox season tickets and take full advantage of them
59. Take the Mommy and Me Swim Classes with Diana
60. Get matching Lily Pulitzer dresses for the Breton and Binda girls
61. Create a video scrapbook
62. Convert all of my VHS tapes of my shows at UMD onto CD and MP3 formats
63. Forever keep up with my scrapbooking even though I have converted to digital ones via Shutterfly and Blogging
64. Get on top of finances and learn how to invest our money wisely
65. Grow to a ripe old age together with my husband who is my one true love
66. Build my one true love that music studio he has always dreamed about
67. Record an album with my hubby and musician friends
68. Perfect Nani Binda's Risotto Recipe which will take help from her and God- she died with the recipe
69. Make our traditional Italian gravy on a regular basis (and make my family proud)
70. Start golfing on a regular basis
71. Join a country club/boat club/beach club/pool club for the commaraderie
72. Have a UMD Reunion for the Classes of 1994, 1995 and 1996
73. Build the performance stage and put up the lights at Griffin Park
74. Like my Hair
75. Be Able to Vote for My Stepson Zack for Governor, then Senator, then President
76. Be Able to see Kayla as a Regional District Manager for a Leading Retailer
77. Visit Mon Cherie Sharon IN FRANCE
78. Find an aerobics dance class that I love again
79. Visit my Shan in Cali
80. Make it to my cousin Chris'wedding
81. Buy my Dad a Dude Ranch
82. Enjoy a nice raw bar with my dad again
83. Do a "boot camp" with my mom
84. Run a race with my mom
85. Become Fluent in Italian
86. Meet John and Kate (plus their 8!)
87. Be in a Movie
88. Teach my Children True Unconditional Love
89. Make More Friends...You can NEVER have too many
90. Drink From a Chocolate Fountain
91. Go to a Fondue Restaurant
92. Get my belly button pierced (once i have a flat stomach of course)
93. Help Bambi live a long healthy life
94. Add another WONDERFUL English Bulldog to our family
95. Teach Diana how to dance
96. Stay close with my children and stepchildren until I am old and gray
97. Guest star on Saturday Night Live
98. Eliminate my anxieties all together
99. Gain the trust and respect of all
100. Remain close to God for infinity


Jacinda said...

Hi Holli!
So happy to find your blog. Thanks for leaving a comment. So when are you due? I'm so happy for you!!!! ps. Love the name Diana.

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