Monday, March 31, 2008

Bambi's Trip to the Vet

We are so proud of our baby girl (bulldog) Bambi! She had her annual check up on Saturday and she dropped 2.2 pounds! Her diet wasn't working at first and when we brought her last year, the two of us ended up arguing with the Vet...we were crushed that she had ended up GAINING weight. This year, though, she made up for it. Just think how much more she could lose, if she would just give into exercise- geesh!

She further proved that she is the best dog ever when she took four shots like a champion. She did not even flinch once...the vet even said "oh what a sweetie she is!" She really is. We took a couple pictures of her being so good on the vet's table.

Look at that face!!!! I could just bite her :)


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