Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Visit to Dream Dinners of Course!

Yes...yes...I made it back already. The consensus in the Breton household was that the meals were simply delish!

The kids AND Rob really loved the Parm Risotto with Chicken the best and then they also enjoyed the Cider Braised Porkshops and the Honey Lemon Chicken Breasts.

I didn't go to a party tonight but joined Cass and her mom to make some more really makes life so much easier and it is fun to try new recipes!

So I decided to do three meals again...picked the Risotto again since it was such a big hit! I also added two new meals: Hot Steak Stips with Peanut Dipping Sauce and Herb Encrusted Boneless Pork with Red Pepper they are already making my mouth water!

The experience was just as positive..what a helpful staff! They just make it so easy and fun...really...I can't wait to take Ally here...and then of course Diana...I know, now though, Ally would have a blast assembling some meals..she would be a natural.

If you remember my last Dream Dinners blog post, you will remember how I raved about the lemon bars too...yep! Brought an order of those puppies home and Rob has already downed two of them..yes of course I had one too and they are just fabulous! I am going to bring some to Book Club tomorrow night at Cass's too!

Speaking of book club tomorrow night, I think we are in for a very detailed and exciting blog posting...Cass is going all out and trying four new appetizer recipes..some from Food Network!


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