Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Papa's 70th Birthday Celebration!

So...Papa knew that we were going to take him out for dinner along with the kiddos but what he didn't know is that we invited his closest brother, sister-in-law and best friend to join us too!

Well..he had a fact we all did! We enjoyed an awesome dinner at Georgio's in Milford. It is a Mediterranean Restaurant that serves both Italian and Greek Cuisine and it was YUMMO (to coin another Rachel Ray term!) Let's see if I can remember what everyone had....challenging but here it goes: Kayla and I had the Chicken Piccata, Zack had a Meat Lover's Pizza, Rob had the Chicken Marsala, Papa had the Veal Parm, Chris had the Tuna Special, Grammy had some type of Seafood Dish...Ally had another Chicken Pasta dish and I do not remember what Uncle Vic and Aunt Mal had outside of some great bottles of wine!

Boy did we have some laughs..I particularly enjoyed Aunt Mal's tales of her dating days with Uncle Vic...none of us knew he was such a player!!! HYSTERICAL!

We then enjoyed roasting Papa and had some real belly laughs.

For dessert I got an authentic Italian Ricotta Pie from Colarussos in Stoneham. I knew it was good when Papa said "it was the real of the best he has had." And boy, he is fussy so cha ching!

Happy Birthday Pup and Many Happy Returns!


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