Friday, March 7, 2008

Tuesday March 11th is Voting Day in Windham!!

So...allow me to get on my soap box....I think it is really important that everyone get out and vote on Tuesday. We have several warrant articles hanging out there that could be make or break for the high school athletic program. I am supporting article #s 2,5 and 6 on the school ballot AND article #22 on the town ballot. These articles will ensure that we get the much needed land swap taken care of and that the necessary fields are built to support not only Varsity programs but JV programs AND especially be able to bring football to the town of Windham!!! (That is a priority in our house). #5 supports building a 2nd access road and that one, I believe, is a no brainer- for safety reasons, we need an emergency route and more than one way to get in and out of that big building on the hill!

As far as school board candidates- I am supporting Mike Hatem and Chris Lane. I think they both, above all, have their act together, facts straight and proven experience to handle these tough roles over the next few years- yes,the most thankless job there is (2nd to being a step parent of course!) but one that we need desperately. We need more progressive folks on the board like these two individuals. They will ensure that we continue moving in the right direction as we continue to approve the articles that will provide our kids with the best academic, athletic and fine arts programs.

If you are a Windham resident, please join me at the polls. Let your voice be heard. We have about 10,000 residents and only 2,500 or so show up to vote- pitiful!!! We need YOU!


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