Thursday, February 21, 2008

JCrew Hot Shot!!!!!

I am so proud of my stepdaughter Kayla...she has landed at JCrew!!! She is getting her foot in the door in the retail industry and couldn't be more excited! I will be forever grateful, of course, to my best friend Cass, who helped us with a connection there too!

Everthing we prepped Kayla on, she did. She absolutely nailed it! I was so impressed with her maturity and ability to make a great impression. We helped her put a resume together and that made a world of difference- definitely set her apart from the crowd!

They were fully staffed and not hiring AND still made her an offer- outstanding! Geesh, I wish I could get offers like that! :)

What is terrific about JCrew is that they offer training and resources that other retailers do not. They provide training in such areas as merchandising and visuals and that is exactly what Kayla wants to get involved in. The Assistant Manager, John was great. He offered to take Kayla under his wing and show her the ropes.

If you see her around town, wish her congrats! She is a very responsible young lady and one that is going places! We are allll very excited for her new beginning and new career adventure!!!!


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