Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pat's Surprise 40th!

We had an absolute BLAST at Pat "Pappy" Louis's (aka Denzel's) surprise 40th party last night. Pat's lovely wife Joanne threw him an intimate and awesome dinner at Haru in Boston.

Haru was fantastic to put it simply. To all you pregnant ladies out there- you won't even feel deprived. There were so many cooked and also vegetarian options that I was just thrilled.

What was hysterical (especially if you know the love of sushi I share with my stepdaughters) is that my hubby who will NEVER eat it...tried it last night..I mean the real stuff..the raw stuff...and became an instant fan..he couldn't get enough! I told him PERFECT TIMING ;)

Celebrating with Pat was so special- Joanne invited some of his closest friends and family and it was like everyone had known each other for years. We felt honored to be included.

We enjoyed some laughs during the various roasts but nothing could top the awesome slide show presentation Joanne did for him. It was touching...emotional and funny!

I will sign off by saying "Here's Johhny!!!!" Had to be there


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