Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Saturday for Girls and "Motherhood"

I am so lucky to have Cass as a best friend...she is truly a sister. Yesterday, as part of our Saturday morning ritual, we met for breakfast (of course Little Alexis joined us and she is just getting more and more fun and hysterical). We went to Maddie's in Salem- fairly new AWESOME coffee shop/bistro type of place. They have great breakfasts and lunches and they are known for their bagels. Cass took me out which only means that I take her out next week!

After breakfast, we headed to the mall and I am so grateful for her and her help. She helped me find many maternity clothing options...gave me her honest opinion and never lost her patience with me. Although we started in Macy's and looked at the Motherhood and Mimi options there, we had much better luck at the actual Motherhood store- the options were endless!!!!

We even went to Sephora after for some new makeup- a pick me up if you will...we got this pretty glittery eyeliner by urban decay too....we are such girls!!!!

Thanks Cass...for being so good to me...I truly treasure our friendship :) (Attached are pix of just a few of the items I purchased)


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