Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Success

Thanks to my friend Jenn at work...I think I pulled off Valentine's Day...although I blew the most romantic part because, of course, or should I say par for the course, I fell asleep- ha ha!!!

Anyway...Rob and I exchanged our traditional romantic valentine cards first thing in the morning and then I made him open his gifts...I did a little sentimental goody bag for him, if you will. Per my boss Steve's suggestion, I got him the Wilco cd. Steve said they were inspired by the Beatles and some of their music sounds like them. Well, Rob agreed- it was a huge hit- cha ching! I also got him a heart shaped picture frame paper weight for his desk and his favorite chocolates (heart-shaped lindt chocolate truffles). He was touched by everything so I could have a good day.

Then the bugger totally trumps me and had a beautiful rose plant in a beautiful ceramic vase (with hears on it) delivered to me at the office...there were also two cute stuffed dogs with hearts alongside romantic..I am even getting sick now!

That night, we enjoyed a terrific dinner at the Blackwater Grill in Salem NH. A MUST try. Linda, the owner, is just wonderful. She works so hard ahnd provides the best service and her food never disappoints.

Hope all you lovebirds enjoyed your day and night :)


Rob said...

Trumped you? I'm not so sure. While the plant will last alot longer than traditional roses might have, the CD I will have forever, and it will also go on my i-pod. Of course, like the great dinner we had, the chocolates are long was a great V-Day, my love--thanks!

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