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What's Up Wednesday (December 19, 2016)

What's Up Wednesday is a week early BUT I am so glad we are squeaking in one more of these posts in 2016!  They are always a favorite!
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What We're Eating This Week

Meatless/Meatlovers Monday Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs for the fam (Mama is out for the night!)

Taco Tuesday (Taking a break from tacos per the request of my girls!) Crockpot Dr. Pepper Pork Chops (find the recipe HERE )with Brown Rice and Roasted Broccoli

Pasta Worthy Wednesday (another break from the norm this week).  We are having Shrimp, Avacado and Lime Salads for the Parents (find the recipe HERE ) and Fish Sticks and Fries for the Kiddos.

Anything Thursday  Crockpot Cheeseburger Macaroni Soup for the fam.  Mama is out again! (I swear it is just the holiday get togethers- I am not trying to escape my kiddos) ;)

Friday Christmas Eve Eve.....we....shall....see.....

 What I'm Reminiscing About

Christmases of can you not?
Living through the eyes of my children brings so much magic to our lives.  I know that I will reminisce about these Christmases too and will remember that they were the best ever.
My Christmas Babies

 What I'm Loving
The coziness of this time of year.  Sitting in my office with only the light of the tree glowing, watching Hallmark Romance Christmas movies...smelling my Christmas Eve Yankee Candle and snuggling in my slippers with my blanket....ahhhh...pure bliss! (Yes I usually have some company...wouldn't change it for the world!)

 What We've Been Up To

We celebrated Thanksgiving Eve with Friends
At Coleen's during the day....

and our house at night with live entertainment by none other than "Random Acts!"

 On the big day, we started with an amazing breakfast and then the Annual Turkey Trot!

Dinner was intimate...quiet....and wonderful

Black Friday Shopping with The Bestie was Epic

and the rest of Thanksgiving Weekend was spent enjoying Diana in the Nutcracker!

We have had so much festive fun this year too!

We went to the Festival of Trees with Mimi

We went to the Atkinson Tree Lighting with The Grahams

Mama went to Brittney's Bridal Shower

and hosted the 2nd Annual Holiday Recipe Exchange!  (Breakfast and PJ Edition)

Our Elf "Relf" Returned!

We went to the Stone Zoo Christmas Lights with Mimi and Papa

and we did the Portsmouth Candelight Stroll with The Batsons

 Mama and Diana joined the Batsons at Moana....such a beautiful movie

and Diana has been busy practicing at ECE!

Mama and Daddy enjoyed a night out with the Holdings

and Mama and the Girls enjoyed visiting with our cousins

The girls enjoyed Santa pancakes with Mimi and Papa
and we enjoyed our first Hanukah party- compliments of Greer!

We loved watching Diana sing at the LDA Holiday Singing Show

and at her holiday dance demonstration!

We have enjoyed some coziness during some snowstorms!!

We have LOVED receiving all of our friends' and families' Christmas Cards...especially Eva! :)

Mama and Daddy enjoyed a night out with the WWC

and we loved experiencing our 2nd Annual 
Jammy Cocoa Christmas!

and Mama enjoyed celebrating Angela and Cindy's birthdays

What I'm Dreading

A Couple of  Things right now...ugh!
The meeting with the plastic surgeon later this week...talking about the cancerous mole on my face and how to get rid of it.
The other thing...less important but still dreading...taking down the Christmas decorations :(

What I'm Working On

Besides my full time job?  All of the gift buying and wrapping and sending out the cards and cooking and baking for our teachers and coaches and friends....donating...praying and oh yeah and planning my cleanse for the New Year!!

 What I'm Excited About

Diana's cheer comps this winter.  This year I get to enjoy them with my bestie as her daughter and Diana got placed on the same team- yahoo!
We already have some fun overnights/dinners planned!

 What I'm Watching/Reading

Lots and Lots of You....Know....What....
Here are some Hallmark Faves...

A Bride for Christmas
A Very Merry Mix Up

A Cookie Cutter Christmas

The 9 Lives of Christmas
A December Bride

and Ice Sculpture Christmas

and a couple more that you can find On Demand or on Netflix....

The 12 Dates of Christmas

and Love At The Christmas Table

and I'm still making my way through
The Choice by Nicholas Sparks (You already know I'm a slow reader especially during extra busy times of the year)

What I'm Listening To
A Whole Lotta This!

 What I'm Wearing

A versatile Black Lace Dress- out for dinner with holiday parties..... and it will be making another appearance at our Wolverines Banquet in January!
Find similar HERE

 Faux Fur Snood.  Find similar HERE
My favorite look is pairing this with my black leather jacket.
Friends, this is SO OLD- I think like 8+ years old- good ole Express!
 In fact, I am all about the warm weather accessories this year!

Gotta love the fur ear warmer I snagged in Portsmouth- if you are local, head on over to "Puttin On The Glitz". They have plenty to choose from!

and I did snag a pink pom pom hat on Ebay- yep $7.50- for the win!
You can find similar ones HERE

What I'm Doing This Weekend 

It is one of the best times of the year!  On Christmas Eve, we are heading to mass and then down to Auntie Peggy's for my favorite "Feast of the Seven Fishes".
On Christmas Day we are hanging in with the fam and I will make a special Christmas Breakfast while we open gifts and then Rob and I and the two little ones will head down to my parents in the afternoon. 

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

A night in Boston with some of our besties.
It will be a fun night to unwind and catch up sans kiddos!  We love our hometown city- Boston is the best city "evah!"

 What Else Is New?
I LOVE that we have had this week to get things done....and that we have one more cozy Friday night before the Holiday weekend- don't you? 

Bonus Question For The Month:
What is your favorite memory from 2016?

I would have to say spending a beautiful summer with my family and friends- I enjoyed every moment of beach time with my littles and besties and enjoyed our time spent outside doing things as a family, golfing with my friends and hosting some bbqs.  It was one of my favorite summers of all time and I will never forget it


Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Lot's of Christmas Fun! Your dress is gorgeous, need to check that one out...

A Gal Named Al said...

Best wishes on your surgery! I had skin cancer removed by a plastic surgeon a decade ago, and a little bit of nervousness is worth it in the end to have peace of mind that you are cancer free. You can do it!

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