Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Recap! (December 12, 2016)

Another weekend has come and gone!
It is a snowy Monday morning here in New Hampshire.
Kinda puts a damper on my plans.
I was going to start the wrapping in between business calls.

So...plan B.  Umm...not sure what plan B is right now but I am in my happy place...the house is quiet...everyone is sleeping...I am drinking my coffee out of my Christmas mug and...I'm blogging.

We had another fun filled weekend full of Christmas Cheer


We visited our cousins in Medford.  The girls and I, along with Mimi, had some quality family time and enjoyed it to the fullest!
Snapped a few pics before leaving

We will be visiting on Christmas Eve again and sharing in some of our Italian traditions like Zeppola!

Friday night, Rob had a gig and the girls and I just crashed.  You know Hallmark was on all night too :)
I opened the Christmas cards we received in the mail and this beautiful card was waiting for me- no return address- not signed from any specific friend but I knew it had to be one of my lady soulmates Beth Ann and it was.  This was a shot of us at The BoatHouse in Disney Springs when we were there last April- I will frame this and treasure it always.
The back of the card reads, "Find Your Tribe and Love them Hard" Amen!


Rob took the girls to Eva's gymnastics class while I went to my dermatology appointment.  Right now feeling like I can't catch a break.  The spot on my face, which my doctor thought was an age spot, is most likely the beginning of skin cancer.  So now I am off to the plastic surgeon- ugh!

I cheered up once I met Rob and the girls at Eva's dance class.  You really can't help but giggle watching the tv screen and seeing "Pidge" do her dance moves. :) 

The rest of the day was spent getting Diana to cheer (I always love to stay and watch for awhile- she never ceases to amaze me) and watching some more Hallmark of course!

Saturday Night
We headed to Copper Door in Bedford with our friends Colleen and Dave.  We had an amazing dinner!  It was decorated beautifully for the holidays too.  If you are local check them out HERE
They are also opening another location in Salem, even closer to us! 

I had the tenderloin with the creamed spinach and artichoke and Gorgonzola red bliss potatoes.  

Dave knows wine well so we had him choose.  It was an amazing dinner!

Also got a shot of the dessert we shared- decadent right?

Group shot!

and we wrapped up our night with a nightcap at Old School Bar and Grill right in Windham.  Check them out HERE 

Colleen and I got the drink called "Dirty Girl Scout" hysterical and!
  It was a chocolate peppermint cocktail and it was delish
 When I asked Rob to snap a pic of us with our cocktails...I got this 

He kills me....this is more like it ;)

Fun night with great friends- so glad that cheer brought us together!

We headed to mass with the kids.  We dropped off our clothing donation to MB for the Windham Helping Hands Drive and then we brought our gift to the giving tree at church.  We picked the Build a Bear gift cards this year (Diana's choice) and I am glad she participated and watched the entire process.  She is slowly learning what it means to think about others first.

After mass, we headed to my parents.  My mom offered to have the kids stay while Rob and I visited the cemeteries.  We do that during every Christmas season.  The girls were thrilled because Mimi made pancakes for them and they were able to decorate them like Santa!


 I know some may think this is morbid but I had to snap a few pics during one of our stops.  My cousin Annissa died when she was three years old due to complications from leukemia.  She is always one of the souls we visit.  5 years ago, when Diana was 3, she insisted on leaving Annissa a hair brush that she had for one of her dolls.  The brush is still there at the stone so I took a few pics for Diana.  The stone is the most beautiful one too.

What touched us even more is that someone hung wind chimes in the tree above her grave and when we were standing there praying, they started to ring.

Sunday Night
We attended our very first Hanukah party.  Greer hosted close friends for a traditional dinner party.  The adults enjoyed learning about this celebration and the kiddos had a ball running around and playing games- even Eva hung out with the big kids and I realized that we just hit another milestone.  She didn't need to stay with us the entire time- oh wow- no more babies ;(
Greer made such a yummy dinner-she had a latke bar and that was delicious and fun to try with the different toppings.  She also did salmon, chicken and a beautiful spread.

 That's a wrap!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


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