Thursday, December 22, 2016

2nd Annual Jammy Cocoa Christmas!

This was our 2nd year enjoying this tradition!
We got the idea from Shay and it has become our favorite event of the season!  Rob and I talked about it last night.  Our kids are at the perfect ages; they get so excited and we enjoy it to the fullest!
 You can read about last year's night HERE

This year, we had our special night on Saturday.
Here are the rules:

and we did just that!

We hit up the new Starbucks in Londonderry and it was soooo cozy!! (especially in our jammies!)

and then we headed out to listen to Christmas tunes and look at all of the beautiful Christmas lights.  We saw many and we were on a mission to hit the "must sees."  There are a few residences in NH that are known all over for the best lights.  We hit three of them!

First stop was The Corner of Anderson Road and Mammoth Road in Windham.  How beautiful right?  Interesting tidbit about this home.  It is powered purely by water!  This is only a few miles from our home and it is breathtaking every year!

As we were heading to our second stop in Hudson, we saw awesome lights along the way.
2nd stop was 75 Pelham Road in Hudson- this light display, made by the Mousseau and Roy Family, is famous!  It is!  The girls loved spotting characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Santa and even a Police Officer!  We even spotted Baby Jesus :)

and then our next and final big stop was in Nashua.
We saw more fun lights on our drive over.
When we got to our destination, we decided this was our favorite!  So glad we found it!
It is Whitney and Nic's Winter Wonderland at 13 Countryside Drive in Nashua!
There was a sign as soon as we drove up that said, "tune into to channel 107.5" and we did.  We blasted that Christmas station and took in the sites.  It was so fun.  Santa himself was even there!  He was sitting in their garage and the girls got so excited waving to him!

After that, we headed home.  Eva made it to our last stop and then conked out!  We think this year was even more fun- can't wait for next year! 


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